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I did not walk out of the show - Usha Nadkarni

The actress was apparently upset over something Krushna Abhishek said.


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Comedy Nights Live has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. First news of the show going off air started doing the rounds. And now that it has been established by the concerned parties that the show is not going off air, the news of its actors leaving the show has started to take center stage.

After Upasana Singh who played Bua, quit the show, owing to issues with the makers, its turn for another of the show's cast to quit. And it is none other the latest entrant Usha Nadkarni, who has now walked out. According to a few reports, the actress got upset over something that host Krushna Abhishek said and walked out of the sets of the show.

Looks like Krushna is rubbing many people the wrong way. The actor also upset his Mama Govinda when he chose to appear on The Kapil Sharma Show instead of his nephew's show. The matter was blown up when both parties voiced their issues in front of the media, but they later on settled those.

We contacted Usha Nadkarni who trashed this news and said, "I did not walk out of the show. The whole team is superb. I am doing another show on Zee and due to dates issue, I had to leave Comedy Nights Live. It was wonderful working with Krushna and the whole team."

The show also courted controversy when Mika, who had stepped into the shoes of Navjyot Singh Sidhu, quit after he appeared as a guest on Kapil's show.


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Natacha 7 years ago and they won't find prettier than her ?! PLEASE...
kareena05 7 years ago But L'Oreal doesn't care about talented actresses it's about beauty they want to sell their beauty products not a movie so they look for beautiful actresses.
Natacha 7 years ago And why has she been chosen out of all the other pretty and talented people ?! Im a huge fan of Aishwarya and she is a fab actress she rocked in many movies and she's also been a miss world... Coming to SK i agree that she has got a pretty face but the point is not to take a pretty face , if so then i think PC and Deepika would have been ambassadors of L'Oreal and other stuff before her -_-" its just that she is getting all this fame because of her father thats ALL ... And i think i would have been prouder if GREAT and real and deserving people would have gone there for representing our country... Not some mere wanna be star ...2013-05-04 05:01:55
kareena05 7 years ago Sonam and Aishwarya are brand ambassadors of L'Oreal (French product) so if they are representing the brand at the festival it's normal that they are invited each year. If L'Oreal has chosen them to represent their product, then it's not their fault. It's a beauty product so Sonam and Aishwarya represent beauty which I am sure the majority agrees. And as Indians you should be proud those beautiful ladies are representing Indian beauty on the international platform:)2013-05-03 20:23:27
Natacha 7 years ago A big big BIG disappointment ... Why are you hell bent on taking sonam ?! Why her ?! Is she even a star ?! NO she is Anil Kapoor's daughter ... There are real stars like Deepika , Priyanka who are way more GORGEOUS than her and they ACT unlike HER whose got nothing but a KAPOOR after her name , this woman is nothing... The poor thing has hardly worked in 5 films which were a HUGE flop... We want better actors to represent "bollywood" there are plenty of them ... PC , Deepika , Chitrangda, Kareena, Anushka and many more who knows acting and have come all this way on their OWN !!!!!2013-05-03 10:41:25
swetha811 7 years ago You have tagged the wrong Aishwaria! LOL
MrDarcyfan 7 years ago Why dont they send PC and Deepika Padukone etc? Some new people that the Canne people are not familiar with?

Nothing wrong with the ladies who have been going... but it is always good to mix it up!
Also TB please tag the CORRECT Aishwariya!! LOL2013-05-03 05:27:47
Ruhhee 7 years ago YYY is it the same people all the time going to Canne we got so many other star who can walk down the red carpet there n turn so many heads around..had enuf of seeing the same faces all the time...
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