'I believe in my own sense of fashion' - Divyanka Tripathi

Divyanka Tripathi, the elegant yet simple beauty talks of her unique fashion sense and does not mind standing away from the usual trend...

It is always said that fashions change from time to time and the most of us try and adopt to the latest fashion in the market. And if one is a celebrity belonging to the acting world, then it’s very important for them to update their wardrobe with latest outfits and accessories.

We caught up with the Dulhann, Divyanka Tripathi to find out what kind of outfits we can find in her wardrobe and what her take on the fashion is.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion according to me is a kind of addiction and one can easily count me in the list of addicted.

Do you like to have a certain style of your own, or do you simply follow the trend?
I do follow a trend but I believe in my own sense of fashion. In Mumbai, actors move around with trendy clothes, but I don't mind wearing Salwar Kameez and I do wear it. I have my own style of talking. I speak in pure hindi which I don’t mind talking and people like me for what I am.

Are you fond of accessories?
I am not very much found of accessories. I always wear small earrings. But I love to shop dress, sandals and purses.

Which is your comfort wear and is there any particular brand that you prefer?
Mostly I go for traditional outfit preferably Salwar Kameez and we don't have any brands in traditional wear. I am also comfortable in wearing long kurta and nice fitting jeans.

Who is your favourite designer considering both Indian and International?
Resa, and I have worked together. I have tried his dresses and I liked them very much and other that, I like to Ritu Kumar, Vikram Padnis.

What's your favourite Screen outfit?
I love wearing Sari. I am wearing western outfit now, but somehow I always feel that sarees are always beautiful.

The most expensive outfit you ever bought?
I rarely buy expensive outfits. I had one which I bought for an Award function and now recently I had bought a sari in black which is simple and beautiful and had to spend 25,000 for it. I have not tried the sari, just waiting for the right moment to wear.

A must-have in your purse?
A perfume bottle and tissue is the must have things in my purse.

Which is your favorite make-up brand?
I am a loyal user of Lakme. My moisturizer, my cleansing milk is of Lakme. I love to use Lakme always. I am quite attracted towards their quality in products.

Which is your most preferred shopping destination?
That would be Lokahndwala. That is closest to my house and I get everything at one place.

Who do you think is best dressed in the glamour world?
Hrithik Roshan

A fashion tip for readers?
Try to get best thing for yourself and be comfortable in anything you wear.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (39)

I believe in myself too. When I bought a simple dress from AnikNY - a store in USA, my friends say it too basic to be shine in front of good boys. But I don't care, I just love what I want to wear. That's all

3 days ago

She dont need make up
she looks beautiful without makeup allso

15 years ago

WOW. She is very similar to her character Vidya. She is very traditional. Very pretty!!!

16 years ago

Gotta love Divyanka. She is so simple, yet unique and follows her heart. She has a good sense of style and I love traditional clothing the best. Sarees and salwar kammez look great. :]

16 years ago

she is so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

16 years ago

I think she is so beautiful when you compare her to other actresses in serials who have a half kilo of makeup on their faces. Vidya keeps it real. She has minimal makeup, wears decent yet pretty clothes, and acts so well. She is like a breath of fresh air on Zee.
I hope her wardrobe changes back to what it used to be, traditional and gorgeous sarees and shalwar kameezes.

16 years ago

thanks she is real pretty and look so simple.

16 years ago

love her looks as Divya!!You are pretty just the way u r!!!Go gurl!~~

16 years ago

wow, thats weried having perfume in ur purse i would have to have Gum and tissue lol sh es into traditional clothing really me 2.


16 years ago

i dont have time to watch her dulhan,, but for being do nice AND simple now she is my fav actress,, not alot of actress love wearing sari or salwr kammez i am not indian but i love sarees i even bought themm,,, i just hope indian people ddont get too addicted to western cloth,, i love terditional cloth,,, and trust me women look beautiful when they are cover espically in those beautiful hindi dress,, love you for diveeee

16 years ago

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