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I avoid driving fast during rainy season: Anas Rashid

TellyBuzz in talks with Anas Rashid to know about his monsoon experience and his memories related to monsoon…

Published: Thursday,Jul 04, 2013 16:06 PM GMT-06:00
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Black clouds, the windy breeze, the aroma of mud, greenery of the trees and the showers from the sky, we all love to see this atmosphere during rainy season around us. Like all of us, our Telly actors also enjoy having fun during Monsoon along with taking some precautions.

TellyBuzz got in touch with the handsome actor Anas Rashid who is currently seen playing Suraj in Star Plus's popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum to know more about his Monsoon masti and his memories related to monsoon.

Let's see what Anas has to share with us.

Rainy season for me is:

Take a break from your work and enjoy hot pakoras at home, this is how you can start off with the rainy season. After that, you can take your raincoats and go to work because baarish ka koi bharosa nahi especially in Mumbai. Rainy season is very different as compared to Punjab and I love Mumbai rains. It's fun.

Precautions I take during monsoon:

We should not eat outside and we should have boiled water. I avoid driving fast during monsoon. We should take care of our health and transportation during monsoon season. I take care of my food and driving.

My monsoon related memories:

I used to enjoy the rains and ride my bike when I was in Punjab.

My likes and dislikes about monsoon:

My favourite thing to do in monsoon is to have hot Pakoras and my dislikes about monsoon is water logging problem. It's the drawback of the rainy season. I like it when the rain comes and goes without any water logging. It's the government who is responsible for that. We can't do anything related to outdoors like we can't shoot outdoor during rainy seasons.

Favorite place to visit during monsoon:

I would love to go to Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala and Khandala to enjoy seeing rains. I love to see the rains from a valley.

Things I must carry during monsoon:

I always carry my umbrella with me. I use appropriate shoes during rainy season which don't spoil after becoming wet.

My favorite monsoon music:

Rimjhim Rimjhim Rumjhum Rumjhum… I was singing this song throughout the day yesterday when I was coming back from Ahmadnagar.

My monsoon special food:

Only homemade food! I like to have Pakoras and I remember that my Mom used to cook a special food which was prepared from Jaggery Rice with some Malai poured on the top of it. It was my favorite. It's like a baarish ki saugat for our home.

Funny incident related to monsoon:

It keeps on happening during rainy seasons when we slip. I slip and fall down many times. I have fallen off my bike many times when I used to ride it during monsoon.

A moment when you enjoyed with your co-stars:

We used to have so many outdoor scenes while I was doing Aise Karo Naa Vidaa on Colors. Sometimes, we used to shoot for our scenes in the natural rains but after the rains used to stop, we used to wait for the water tankers and artificial showers to continue with our shoots. Those were fun moments and we had done 2 months of outdoor shoots in rains. That used to be a funny moment for us as well.

Monsoon tips for readers:

Avoid eating outside, take care of food you eat to stay healthy. I got typhoid the same time last year because of a little carelessness. So, I don't want my fans to get sick due to rains rather, they should enjoy it.

Anwesha Kamal


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shrree (@shrree) 10 years ago Like us in FB [HYPERLINK]https://www.facebook.com/surajrathi.anasrashid[/HYPERLINK]
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Ranjeeta_ (@Ranjeeta_) 10 years ago Anas Rashid, this is such a nice interview and for your tips about rainy whether, thanks dude. 'Pakoras' wow, this is recommended in such atmosphere, it seems you like this very much, good. I do remember lots of YashRewa moments during your 'Aise Karo Naa Vidaa' time, it was so romantic.

Anas, you are doing an outstanding job :)

Thanks Anwesha :)
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maaneet-2012 (@maaneet-2012) 10 years ago Keep roking mr suraj rathi.. anas you are the real hero in tv. allah bless you..
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HalleNJ (@HalleNJ) 10 years ago thanks for the article TB...
at last one good interview from Anas...keep rocking, DABH rocks!
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iluvsuraj (@iluvsuraj) 10 years ago Suraj Rathi is so rocking!!!!
Want more SurYa onscreen!
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Asif Rajar [Shaheer] (@AsTru) 10 years ago Thanks for Article
Anas you Are a great Man In Real Life and Also Great Man In Reel Life
Anas [Suraj] Is Great
Love You Dear
Keep Smiling Smile :))))))))
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Bharathi (@b2011) 10 years ago Thanks TB for the article.
DABH rocks.
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nitish kumar (@nitish95) 10 years ago thanks TB for the article
dabh rocks
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LoveDABH (@LoveDABH) 10 years ago Love u lots Anasrashid...
Dabh rocks
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Disaniya (@Disaniya) 10 years ago Anas Love u as Suraj...
Keep Smiling!!!!!!!!!
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