I am very talkative: Anubhav Srivastava

TellyBuzz in talks with actor Anubhav Srivastava, who is balancing well between his two shows and his passion for Salsa…

Anubhav SrivastavaAnubhav Srivastava, who plays Sachin in Balaji Telefilms' Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV and Naman in Rajshree Produtions' Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara... on Star Plus, shares more about his early life, his passion for Salsa and his future plans with TellyBuzz...

Tell us something about yourself? 

I am an extrovert person. I am a trained Salsa dancer and I love watching English and Hindi movies. I love driving and chilling out with my friends. I am person who can't be alone as I feel bored. I love to be surrounded by people. I love company of people who have great sense of humor. I am very talkative and if I will be given a chance to speak among few people, then I will go on non-stop. Being a Salsa dancer, I have been traveling around the world to attend Salsa festivals. I watch plays and movies because as an actor you need to get involved in all this. I love playing play stations and reading books.

Was becoming an actor in your mind since your childhood days?

I wanted to be a fashion designer. I used to sketch a lot and love art since my childhood days. I gave the exam for fashion designing and I was qualified for NIIFT but my father told me that I don't want my son to be a 'Gay' in future so I must forget about this dream (laughs). I felt little dejected for a while but then I came to Mumbai for my graduation.

So, how did you entered into the field of acting?

I was doing street plays during my college days being it my major interests. Once, one of the directors of street plays, Divya Palak came to me and offered me a street play 'The Graduate.' She had lots of confidence in me and I attended few workshops with her. I used to dream of being a fashion designer and design clothes for big celebrities but somewhere in my heart it was like I should become like a big person such as Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. I didn't have any idea about entering into the glam world so, getting into fashion designing was the only way for me to come to Mumbai and start my work but it happened the other way round as the acting bug bite me during my college days.

When the play was going on, Shakti Sagar who is Ramanand Sagar's grandson had come to watch the play and he asked me to come for an audition. I gave the audition and I got the role of Mayur in Hello Dollie. This is how I landed in television world with a Star Plus show, after that I got Jabb Love Hua with Deeya and Tony on Zee TV and after that I got a new show as a lead on Imagine TV's Full Time Pass. After this show, I did a show Seven on Sony TV and after that, I was offered Rajshree's show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai for Naman but Pavitra Rishta happened to me in a different way. I auditioned for the role in July and I was called in September and I had started shooting for Pyaar Ka Dard Hai in August. While I was coming back from Shirdi with my family, I got a call from Balaji at 10:30 PM saying that I am finalized for the role of Sachin. Shockingly, I said, "I won't be able to shoot from tomorrow onwards as I am on my way and already doing a Star Plus show." They called me for a meeting and Balaji people spoke to Rajshree people and things sorted out and I started shooting after 3 days.  

How has life changed after being a part of two big banner shows? 

Whenever, I go out people recognize and approach me. It feels good and proud that people come and praise about the show and our work. Once, an old lady came to me at a mall and she said, "You are doing good in the show and you are very hot." I felt very embarrassed and didn't know how to react. Life has changed a lot that as now people recognize me that I am a part of two popular shows.

Can you relate yourself to the character of Sachin and Naman? 

Sachin is a mature guy. He being the eldest member of the family, he is always there for his sisters and his parents Archana and Manav. He is loyal to his family. It's a very strong character with a particular which has a graph. I am very opposite to Sachin as I am very talkative, very humorous, and notorious in real life. I can't be serious. Naman is like a lover boy who is born and brought up in Kullu who loves his wife. He is a very regular guy who can be found in any house. I am totally opposite to both of these characters and people get surprised to see me getting angry on-screen. Sachin was a much more challenging character over Naman for me to play.

You are a trained salsa dancer. Tell us something about your passion for salsa. 

I am more close to my Salsa dancing and I go for Salsa night every week. It's like a second home for me, where I distress myself. It connects two dancers with a soul; if two people have the passion for dancing, they will immediately get connected on the floor. If I would have to go on a date with a girl, then I would not like to sit for a candle light dinner with her rather I would like to dance with her on that night. Candle light would be boring for me. 'Two strangers connecting on a dance floor and become good friends' - That's my tagline for Salsa. It's good that I was introduced to Salsa night. I can eat, drink and sleep Salsa.  

Anubhav SrivastavaHow do you manage between doing two shows as well as your hobby of dancing? 

It is said that when you have passion for something, then you do take out time for your passion. I keep traveling for festivals at different places so for this, I inform both the production houses in advance since I am doing 2 shows together. I just go for my passion and my time gets managed easily.

Your biggest achievement as an actor? 

Getting a chance to do the impossible things is my biggest achievement as an actor. I am playing different kinds of roles which I never knew that I can do this kind of role.  

What kind of bonding you share with your co-stars? 

The person with whom I bond the best on sets is Hiten Tejwani. He is the person with whom I sit, eat and crack lots of jokes. He is like elder brother to me. He gets food from his home every day and out of which 75% of the food is finished by me (laughs). He is like elder brother to me and he says, "Tu humesha mera khana kha jata hai and I don't get anything to eat.

We are fantastic fours, Hiten, Ankita, Mrinalini and Me who always sit together, have food together and have lots of laughter sessions on the sets. Hiten is the eldest one amongst us but he is the most charming and kiddish in terms of his nature. He cracks jokes in nano seconds and has a great intelligence. It's always good to be with him around because I treat him like my elder brother and I get to learn a lot of things from him. I connected with Ankita very well and one thing that people don't talk  about her that she sees everything with a positive angle. She always believes that this will happen and negative word doesn't exist in her dictionary. Ankita's jokes are very witty; sometimes she is moody as when she will be in a bad mood then she won't like to talk but when she is in a good mood then she is like a kid and does lots of fun. Mrinanlini never hides anything and she can say anything to you on your face. She is a very charming girl. Rithvik and Asha are also very good people. Asha is just like my little sister and she is always running around the set. She is cute, bubbly and smiling and she brings energy on the sets. Rithvik is also a kind hearted person and so is Ankit (Soham).

Would you like to take part in any dance reality show? 

I am waiting for the day when I will be offered Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. Hoping it will happen soon where I will get a chance to showcase my talent.

What kind of roles you would like to play in future? 

I would like to play the character of Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Al Pachino's role in God Father, Shah Rukh Khan's role in Kal Ho Na Ho and Chak De and Aamir Khan's role in Dil Chahta Hai. These are the roles which I would like to play in future. These roles are having various layers.

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Aww Asha Negi brings energy on the sets.
anubhav loved it awesome interview
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This is why she hardly cares for those who talk behind her the so called anonymous

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love u Rithvik Dhanjani Asha Negi muahhh
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you are a good actor anubhav...keep rocking!!!

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hiten is an awesome human being
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Love Rithvik Dhanjani Asha Negi they rock together

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love u Rithvik Dhanjani Asha Negi muahhh
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love Asha Negi and Rithvik Dhanjani! Nice to know we have another dancer in the cast of PR ;) would be cool to see Anubhav in Jdj

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