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'I am too young to play a mother' - Amrapali Gupta

Amrapali Gupta, popularly known as Bindiya in Teen Bahuraniyan talks about her role, future in films and the so-called rumor on her linkup...

Published: Wednesday,Feb 27, 2008 22:06 PM GMT-07:00
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Bindiya aka Amrapali Gupta of Teen Bahuraniyan is quite happy at the way her track is progressing in this Zee TV show. "After playing a bubbly and a cheerful girl for so long, I am getting a chance to show serious emotions as well. The news that Manjeet has died due to blood cancer will surely be a setback to Bindiya”.

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She further adds, “The relation between Bindiya and her husband is also getting strained. He is getting insecure about my growing success as an actress”.

Ask her about generation leaps and she immediately gets aggressive. “I am too young to play a mother. Luckily as of now there is no plan to have such a change in our show but if there, I will rather walk out and try other stuff. Even reality shows interest me big time.

Besides television, the lucknowi lass also has a film up her sleeve as well. “It is too early to say anything as of now, but very soon you will come to know about it. Rest assured it will not be a small role. Don't get me wrong, I did not mean to demean Manva’s role in Jodhaa Akbar. You some time have to do small roles for association. Working with Ashutosh and Ash in it self was no small feat for her”, states Amrapali.

Have you not done a spicy music video before? “Yes, but luckily it was not publicized well, hence my one mistake did not cost me too much”, she admitted.

In closing we could not help but ask her about her relationship with Saurabh Pandey. "We are just friends why do you people in the media need to make a mountain of a mole hole”.

However, a reliable source confirmed that they were indeed going out together. But they don't want to go public as they are scared that it might affect their career.

Author: Anil Merani

Saurabh Pandey

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mbenjamin 14 years ago she's going to be on da cover of vogue??? :-S
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Zaynah 14 years ago I think this quote 'hates tight and revealing clothes is so funny..whenever ive seen her she wears tight jeans or a tight top..I dont know what she is talkin
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-PoisonIvy- 14 years ago umm, well i wudnt excatly call her bad looking or ugly but to make it to the cover of vogue is a lil too much.....
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april19 14 years ago i kinda think that gauri is ugly.. but thats just my opinion..
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crazy4bollywood 14 years ago WHAT? Manjeet is going to die? Ahhh noooo! But wow good for Amrapali!
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schandra09 14 years ago I can't believe Manjeet is going to die!! How can they do that..
Wow, she becomes an actress.. lets see what happens now.
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brownies 14 years ago shes so cute! i absolutely love her! but i didnt know that she was becoming an actress in teen bahuraniyaan! when did this happen? she and rohit are gonna have trouble? NOOOO!!!! I love them as a couple!
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