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I am scared of ghosts - Neha Yadav

TellyBuzz brings to you the Spooky and Uncanny column with Neha Yadav who believes in supernatural power.

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TellyBuzz brings to you the Spooky and Uncanny column with your favorite Telly stars and tries to find out their beliefs in supernatural and their brush with the uncanny! This week we have Neha Yadav with us, who is seen playing the role of Soumya in Star Plus' popular show Suhani Si Ek Ladki.

Let's find out what Neha has to share with us...

Do you believe in supernatural power?
Yes but sometimes.

Craziest horror story you have ever heard as a kid.
I remember that there was a horror show where a dwarf was dressed up like a clown and whenever he used to come on the screen, I used to get very scared.

Have you ever had a brush with Uncanny?
No and hope that I never come across anything as such because I am a coward.

When have you been the most scared?
I remember that after my shoot I went back home and when I was about sleep, I went to switch off the lamp but suddenly it got switched off automatically. I got very scared and I thought that there is some ghost or something in the house. I went to my friend's place to stay with her. The next day when I came back and saw the lamp, I realized that the bulb was damaged. So it was the most scariest experience for me.

Favorite horror movie
My favorite horror movie is Paranormal Activity.

Horror dare
When I was studying in the college my friends used to do plan cheat and I used to get scared. Once they gave me a dare to stay with them while they were calling a ghost and actually the coin placed on started moving. I got so scared that I asked then to stop everything and left from that place.

Neha Jain


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ProudAhamian 6 years ago Dont come in between yuvani..
Anyways like ur acting..
Neha u..
-Seby- 6 years ago But why you are scaring me on SSEL? Anyways, your acting is good...
SamW92 6 years ago Love her lots ! She's so cute. I want more of her Saumya in SSEL.
..Roopal.. 9 years ago wah born in july
all my fav men are born in july just like me
how cute
love u ranveer
insia0092 9 years ago he is an aweosome actor luved him in band baja baraat
all the best for ur future :)2011-11-17 06:45:41
Sanaa629 9 years ago @Maneetkraze - We both have the same birthday..!! :D wicked..!!
Maneetkraze 9 years ago Hey!!!!!! I have the same birthday as Ranveer!!!!
sweetscented 9 years ago Just saw his 'chumma chumma performance on KBC!!!!
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