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'I am into acting because of my daddy' - Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Jannat Zubair Rahmani aka Phulwa of COLORS' Phulwa has a cute and interesting chat with Tellybuzz...

Published: Tuesday,Feb 08, 2011 18:44 PM GMT-07:00
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She is undeniably not just one of the youngest but the biggest Child Star currently on the Indian television. Our beloved Phulwa aka Jannat Zubair Rahmani has surely won the hearts of many with her versatile roles whether it be as Kashi on Imagine or Phulwa on Swastik Pictures' recently launched show on COLORS, Phulwa.

After achieving such incredible success you are bound to wonder, is she yet really a 'kid? Let's find out!

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How did the thought of being an actress get into your mind?
My daddy, himself is an actor, and that's how I got attracted towards acting and I have been in the entertainment industry since the last two years. My first TV show was Aladdin, thereafter I have acted in Chand Ke Paar Chalo, Kasturi and Aapki Antara. I enjoy acting a lot.
Were your parents reluctant by any chance as you are very young?
No not at all, in fact, it is my father who taught me everything. He's been guiding me since the last few years and I follow everything what he says. I am in acting because of my daddy.
We would like to know Jannat as a person.
I love to play, study, I am friendly and mix up with people very fast. I have been the same what I am today.
How is Jannat different now?
Jannat jaisi thi, waisi hi hai, there is no difference in me then and now. The only difference is that I get less of free time now, as those are taken away by the hectic shooting schedules. But I love it!
You have done two shows, Kashi and Phulwa in lead roles, what gives you the confidence to take up the integral responsibility of the show on your shoulders?
Mummy and daddy help me a lot and support me in everything that I am doing. I know it's a big responsibility, but I would say that it's not me alone who is responsible because everyone on the sets also help me a lot. They too put in their equal share of hard work for the better output of the show and Siddharth (Tewary) uncle is very encouraging too.
Both the shows deal with very intense issues, does everyone explain you its intensity and do you understand the depth of the subject & concept?
I understand the story and the concept, also the director and producer are always there to help me with my scenes and my role. My daddy helps me to understand the depth of it and tells me what I am supposed to and how. He explains how important it is for me to give a perfect shot not only technically, but also emotionally. And because he is there as my guiding strength, I am never tensed and all my fear vanishes.
What about the 'rona-dhona' scenes, are they easy?
Yes, they are quite easy. If you are in the mood and ready to learn your dialogues properly, to listen to your director carefully and get engrossed in the scene, tears automatically run down your cheeks. But if your mind is diverted in the middle of the briefing, then it is difficult for the emotions to be out and the scene to be enacted.That's why I concentrate on my work and thus I don't find it difficult.
How do you prepare yourself before doing a scene?
I carefully listen to everyone and understand what my scene is and what I have to do. My daddy too explains me and then I give my shot, simple. There is nothing much to prepare, yeh exam thodi hai (Smiles).
The most difficult scene until now?
The underwater scene in Phulwa.
How do you feel when you see yourself on TV?
It feels really great and also my dad is happy about it.
School, tuition and shooting- handling all of these simultaneously, is it tough to manage?
Very quickly she states, 'I don't go for tuitions.' It's not at all tough to manage because everything has a set time. After school, I go on the sets and I complete my homework and worksheets on the sets itself. I get time when my scene is getting ready or during the breaks or when someone else is shooting.
Don't you sometimes feel like going back home and relaxing instead of going through the hectic schedules of shoots?
I love to go on the sets and shoot for my shows; it's never hectic for me, in fact it's fun and I miss them when it is not there.
What does Jannat like to do in her free time?
I like to dance, skate and also cycling.
Which is that one actress you would want to be like in future?
Hmm… Aishwarya Rai
Your favorite actors and actresses?
Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are my favorite actresses and Shahid Kapoor and Salman Khan are my favorite actors.
What will you do when you meet Salman Khan?
I love Salman Khan and also everyone in my family is a big fan of him. I met him at Bigg Boss Finale, but didn't get much time to talk to him. Mujhe unse bahut saari baatein karni hai. I would love to tell him that he should call me for the auditions in all his films. I also want to tell him that I was offered the role of young Sonakshi Sinha in his movie Dabangg, but because of shooting schedules I couldn't play the role. I have seen all his movies so many times.
Has Jannat faced any crazy fan incidents?
Not crazy, but I did have fan incidents many a times. When we had gone to Chambal for the shoot of Phulwa, we had gone to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Seeing me, everyone around me started staring at me and calling me Kashi because Phulwa had not been on air then. They also clicked photos with me and took my autographs.
You are watched by lakhs of people; but what are the shows you enjoy watching on television?
Man v/s Wild, Minute to Win it, Wipe Out.
Your favorite cartoons?
Doremon and Tom & Jerry.
What do you aspire to become when you get older?
Actress, I haven't thought of being anything else. I love acting and I want to continue with it even when I grow older.
One thing you really miss because you are a popular face?
I do everything that I used to earlier, so there isn't anything that I miss.
So, on the sets do you get pampered being one of the youngest actresses?
I am the second youngest on the sets and yes, everyone is nice and helpful. I get 5-6 chocolates everyday and I am pampered a lot. In fact, all the kids are equally pampered and loved.
Did you read the story of Phoolan Devi since your show is inspired by her life?
I know briefly about Phoolan devi but my show is not exactly and entirely based on her life. The story is inspired from Phoolan Devi's life as Phulwa, where Phoolan Devi becomes a bandit when she gets older.
Do you sometimes feel bad that people don't call you Jannat?
No, and I feel that they see me as Phulwa which is why they remember me and call me by that name. Phulwa is almost like Jannat, jab scene chal raha hota hai tab mein Phulwa hoti hoon and jab pack up ho jata hai toh Jannat.
Now your brother too will be debuting in a movie, what advice do you give him regarding acting?
(Smiles) I give him the same advice whatever my daddy has taught me and told me.

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StrangernMoscow 12 years ago Look at the drive of this young lady! Wish her the best...her determination and hard work is gonna win it! <3
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Amri_IF 12 years ago such a young age she is so sorted!
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mayur_shanak 12 years ago she is really cute especially her that role of matti ki banno was superb
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poetic 12 years ago Such a cute girl and of course a good actress as well.
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tulipbaby53 12 years ago She's a wonderful actress, and she speaks so well of her father and family. She's a very mature and balanced girl. It's hard to believe that she's so young!
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Pirated_Fun 12 years ago She is a sweetheart .. and truly a great actress ..... She has a great future ahead ....... Such a matured and intelligent girl .
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TitansFan 12 years ago brilliant actress , highly talented kid... rise and shine what ever path u choose Jannat , u deserve it
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Kiran_83 12 years ago Such a beautifull girl, with an amazing talent and a lovely name... wish her all the best for the future
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larki_punjaban 12 years ago she forgot kashi...

i love her so much
who is her fatehr and brother?2011-02-08 08:21:34
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.SilentPrincess 12 years ago She's relly cute...and very talented....

all the best for ther actinc career...

her name is sweet "Jannat"...
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