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I am glad that I am out of the Bigg Boss house - Nigaar Z Khan

Beautiful actress Nigaar Z. Khan talks about her experience of being in the Bigg Boss house, bond with the housemates and more with TellyBuzz.

Published: Monday,Nov 24, 2014 19:53 PM GMT-07:00
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Gorgeous Nigaar Z. Khan who entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card contestant was recently evicted from the show. While her journey was for a short period of time, but Nigaar was quite fair and bonded well with the inmates. She speaks about her journey in the house, bonding with the inmates and more in conversation with us...

Let's see what Nigaar has shared -

Sounding unhappy Nigaar says, "I am so glad that I am out of the Bigg Boss house. This was the most horrifying experience of my life. I have never been in such negative atmosphere till now, I was expecting them to give me a fair chance and accept me but no one turned up. They made fun of my emotions, they believed in back biting about me. Even Salman Khan was shocked to learn about their behavior towards me."

When asked her about the people who are playing bad games in the house she says, "I think the entire P3G group is very negative especially Puneet Issar and Gautam Gulati whereas Praneet Bhatt and Pritam Singh are wearing mask on their face. Only three inmates who were welcoming and good to me were Renee Dhyani, Upen Patel, Sonali Raut.

So what has she learned throughout her journey? "I realized that I have learn't to be patient. My parents have always taught me to be wise and soft spoken which I applied during my stay  in the house."

Lot of people say that the contestants are not following the rules of tasks so what does Nigaar thinks about it? "Yes its true. I don't think they perform the tasks by following all the  rules and regulations. Puneet Issar being the senior most person becomes a kid when it comes to tasks they just want to win in the tasks."

According to Nigaar who is the strongest person? "I think Karishma Tanna is really playing well in spite of facing all the negativity surrounding her. She has given a commendable performance in the house."

Any regrets? She says, "I regret that if I would have watched a few episodes of Bigg Boss I would have never made a wrong decision of entering the house."

Any message to the viewers? I thank all of them who didn't vote for me because I am glad that I came out in a few weeks."

TellyBuzz wishes Nigaar all the very best for her future endeavors!

Phalguni Sharma

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surangini 7 years ago omg its really unfair u got out of bb
u didnt watch earlier episodes of bb8 now once again that is also unfair na
Anyways u r statements
are also totally unfair...
thank god u r out and nothing against u or anyother contestant in bb8 but yes bb7 babu was the exception wish u had given him this advice too atleast he wud nt have abused anyone again
Rone ka nahi re :p2014-11-27 00:42:19
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biggboss159 7 years ago Jhutiii..last year ur sister participated n u didnt see episodes as u regret...wat d hell

Any regrets? She says, "I regret that if I would have watched a few episodes of Bigg Boss I would have never made a wrong decision of entering the house."
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NIVILOV 7 years ago both sister r nautanki drama queen happy for ugly useless aunty is out of d show i hate her god idiot aunty
gober budhi cheep aunty and this black nigar both r d biggest real life vamp happy for my fav GAUTAM
Reply thumbs-up 5 thumbs-down
makhnii 7 years ago We are glad too that you're out of the house..Good Luck
Reply thumbs-up 9 thumbs-down
ankita101093 7 years ago Grapes are sour my dear, or very sour in your case. Now, if you had won the show then you would say you had the best experience of your life! You're nothing like your sister. You really need to learn how to be graceful about certain things, there is a reason why you were voted out within the first week and you're making the audience happier with their decision of voting you out with such stupid statements. :)2014-11-24 14:44:45
Reply thumbs-up 11 thumbs-down
Mogwai 7 years ago @nirmal-g: Puneet, Gautam & their fans should get ebola?Are u out of your friggin mind?! That is a harsh thing to say. I wouldn't wish a life threatening illness even on my enemies. Shame on u & those who liked your pathetic comment.
Reply thumbs-up 20 thumbs-down
aratipradhan 7 years ago I think this is a good example of Sour Grapes Khatte hai Angur.. Khisiyani Billi Khamba Noche.. lol
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ms.red_bird 7 years ago oh god please Nigar!! shutup alreadyyy!!!!
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akash08 7 years ago She was so happy when Salman gave pupplu and said she is safe, was saying thank you, thank you blah blah and all smile, now she says she is happy to be out? Both sisters are same, biggest liars
Reply thumbs-up 14 thumbs-down
rose-girl 7 years ago she was so positive!! LF was so much better coz of her
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