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'I am a free soul': Madhura Naik.

Tellybuzz in talks with Madhura Naik for our quickgrill section...



Tellybuzz in talks with Madhura Naik who was honest and speedy with her answers...

Madhura Naik in one sentence?

'I am a free soul'.

If you sit back and recollect your childhood memory - Which ones pop into your head?

Childhood memory takes me back to Bahrain island. The time I was on that island, I miss it as I lived half of my, life there. The days are unforgettable and I walk with its memory and days to be cherished.

An exotic location you would like to retire and why?

Definitely some island. A nice and tropical place like Maldives.

A reel life character which you like and if given a chance to portray it In real life then who would it be? Why?

Aah, Bella from Twilight. I like her character and the way she portrays it. Why because I love vampires(laughs).

Fashion to you is?

Fashion is something which makes you feel comfortable in whatever you wear and also which is elegant and simple. I believe in simplicity(smiles).

Life without a cell phone?

Well I have two things to say both good and bad. Life without a cell would be a bit slower and probably would have much more time for other different things rather than hanging on to the phone always(laughs). There would be no disturbance at all. But yea definitely I would feel very handicapped as it stands as a vital organ in life now.

Any worst experience in life which is unforgettable?

I have quite a few experiences which are unforgettable. I would like to share one though: Recently I went South East Asia, there I went to an island where I went snorkelling. I did not realize that I was a Shark bay and I saw some sharks too. I was very scared looking at them and definitely it stands one of the shocking and unforgettable memory ever.

Do you believe in making rules in your life?

No, I do not believe IN making rules in life but i believe in breaking them.

What kind of human are you in real life?

I  am a very chilled out person in life. Very straight forward and I like to take things very positive in life. I love traveling, art, singing and dancing. I am very patient too and rest I guess my fans do know(smiles).

How did acting happen to you?

Well I was studying for my MBA exam, where one producer of Shael(singer) spotted me and he approached me for his music album and from there started the journey. Wherein Tellywood journey started from Ekta Kapoor's serial in which I was acting.

Craziest fan encounter?

Yes I did have a crazy fan encounter. There was a school girl who was a crazy fan of me and my serial and when she came to know that the serial is going off-air she started sending me mails that she will commit suicide if the show goes off-air. She sent me end number of mails and used to be very active on the net. Crazy is the word for her.

Where you see yourself 20years from now?

I see myself married to a handsome guy who will have a beautiful mansion with my two cute little kids.

A role which you wish to play and why?

I would love to play realistic roles - The roles which depict the situation of our country.

The strategy which you follow in life?

'Live life to your fullest'.

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Madhura Naik

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Nabakov_Musings 8 years ago madhura!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much .
SimiSays 8 years ago wow..she's a twihard too!! :)

brilliant actress and a style diva, she z ..undoubtedly..
Loved u as T..
miss PKYEK :(
BinKuchKahe. 8 years ago love you Madhura..
and aww, you love vampires. me too!
miss PKYEK :(
palakluvsabhiya 8 years ago wowww madhua is really a nice actress n we love her as madhura n we miss her as T love u <3!
BadtameezDil. 8 years ago "Aah, Bella from Twilight. I like her character and the way she portrays it. Why because I love vampires(laughs)."LOL!!!
Miss u madhura as T
heeriyehh 8 years ago Describe yourself in one word: Free soul with no baggage - Nia Sharma. || Madhura Naik in one sentence?
'I am a free soul'. = oooh someone got inspired by Nia lol.
Mishh007 8 years ago thnx for the interview tellybuzz...nice actress...
Saru... 8 years ago Hot n Beautiful is the word for u madhura..One of finest actors n very chilled out...come back soon...
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