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'I admire all sportspersons for their fit physique'-Chandana Sharma

Chandana Sharma shares her fitness mantra with Tellybuzz...

Published: Sunday,Jun 20, 2010 23:15 PM GMT-06:00
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Do you follow any fitness regime?

No, I don't really follow any fitness regime. But I do try to go to gym at least twice a week.

How much time do you spend for workout?

Not more than hour.

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Apart from this have you taken up any sport or habit that helps you maintain your body?

Well, I love to go for a walk with dog on the beach. I stay close to a beach so I do it often. I love to swim too.

According to you, how important is it to follow a fitness regime?

It is very important to be fit rather than to follow a fitness regime. Just make sure you don't overdo anything and be happy. Overall this will affect your health in a positive way.

What's your usual diet?

I'm a fishetarian. So my diet consists of basic Dal, Roti, Sabzi and at times fish.

Do you look upon calories when it comes to eating?

(Laughs) No not at all. I even eat unhealthy junk food because you get to live this life only once. So why restrict yourself so much? But yes, there's a certain limit that I don't cross.

What do you do to keep you motivated to stick within your limits?

Actually, no such motivation as such. But I know that whatever you eat or don't eat is directly responsible for your health. Just this realization automatically keeps me from indulging too much either in diet or binge.

How were you in your teen years and now?

I was way too slim. I tried to put on weight and am much better now.

Do you have a dietitian or an instructor to maintain your fitness?

No, I don't go to follow either a dietitian or a fitness instructor.

Suggest some fun ways for working out.

I tried Yoga last year. It worked for me. Apart from that, long walks are what I love.

Anyone that you idolize when it comes to good physique?

I don't idolize anyone but I admire all sports persons for their fit physique.

Who has an impressive body in industry right now?

Priyanka Chopra is neither too slim nor fat. She carries off any dress very well. Apart from that I also like Mehr Jessia and Arjun Rampal. They make the most good looking couple in the industry.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down 12 years ago Awesom interview.u so hot & sexy .wanna marry wid u so much.
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Loveuchandana 12 years ago Great interview by gorgious chandana.brilliant answer.
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jakhushi 12 years ago Lovely interview from the Gorgeous Gal....
Thanks so much Chandana. Hope to hear more from you.
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...San-Yo... 12 years ago Gorgeous Chandana, and awesome performer
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tiaranveerrox 12 years ago chandana plz come back!!!!! (and soon wid gaurav khanna)
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Manishvaish26 12 years ago My sweetheart artical me so hapy to see my sexy chandana.i truly love u lotz chandana.plz come soon.
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Lifez_Beautiful 12 years ago An article abt CS ??!!!!!!!!!! nw hw wndrful is dat ???!! such a cute n pleasant surprise !! awwwwwwwww... i miss her !! cm bk sony swts !! waitngggggggg !!

-Luv Niki !2010-06-22 12:37:24
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Man_man 12 years ago Thanx sujan 4 damn beautiful & gorgious chandana's article.
Awesom chandana & awesom article.
Dying to see u u so much.
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O.p.g 12 years ago Lovely interview chandana.u supab ,mindblowing actress in telly.mising u like hell.
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