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Hritik Roshan is Sameera Reddy’s knight in shining armour!

Hritik Roshan is one of the best superstar in tinsel town as per Sameera Reddy...


The new mom in town - Sameera Reddy recently revealed that she suffered from stammering problems. However, to the audience’s surprise, Hrithik Roshan helped the 34-year-old actress overcome it.

Now, after being acknowledged as the most handsome actor in the world, Sameera’s recent revelations was a cherry on top and it seems Hrithik might be the perfect synonym for chivalrous. 

The wonder boy of Bollywood suffered great obstacles as a child who endured from 'Scoliosis' and 'Arthritis'. Since a very early age, he was also agonized with stuttering and faced a constant battle with fluent speech.

Perhaps, this was the catalyst that inspired Hrithik to help Sameera overcome her stammering problems.

On a chat show, Sameera spoke of her stammering; she said: "Due to my stammering problem, I would hesitate to speak in front of others, and (would hesitate) going for auditions thinking that people would judge me. Hrithik, being the sweet and caring person he is, noticed this, and gave me a book that changed my life. It helped me overcome my fear. Gradually, I started noticing changes in my speech. I also went to a speech therapist and started working on my speech."

Sameera Reddy and her husband Akshai Varde welcomed a baby girl on July 12, 2019 and since then the actress has been sharing cute glimpses of her newborn.


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