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Hrithik Roshan's heart touching speech

Hrithik Roshan won the Brand Visionary of the year for HRX at the Colors awards gave a speech.

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Hrithik Roshan won the Brand Visionary of the year for HRX at the Colors awards gave a speech. He dedicated this award to his sons and said,

"I have received many awards in my life but this one means a lot more than any single one of them, because it stands for something very close to my heart. Something that was inspired by my children and extends beyond to all the children of the world. I believe every child has the potential to contribute something amazing to this world. But I also know that in their journey they are going to encounter a lot of failures a lot of fear and setbacks, some that may even devastate them. I know this from my own journey of battling my fears and my set of failures and setbacks.

As a child I had many fears, I lived in a box and in that box were all my handicaps , my challenges and my difficulties, and I viewed the entire world thru that box, I never knew there could be a life beyond that was beautiful. I never imagined there could be a life without fear. But then I took a decision to Break out of that box, I attacked al my fears and discovered a new life. That taught me a great lesson and it propelled me to give back and contribute to all my fans and people of the world.

One day I looked into my children's eyes and thought how great I would be if I could create a model for them, a symbol to inspire and empower them, to help them believe , not just believe but  prove to them infallibly thru million examples that impossible is nothing!! That they could create the life that they wanted and achieve all that they aspired no matter what! That every problem physical or mental had a solution and that thru this education they could harness their fears and learn to overcome every demon that threatened their passion and their dreams.

That is the day HRX was born. It's when I realized that my greatest accomplishment would be if I could make my children fearless! THE MISSION OF HRX is huge. It's a movement that will make a nation of champions. To enable and empower every single person who wants to make a change but is disabled by fear or the assumption that "I can't".

I believe a disabled spirit is the worst of all handicaps!

My children are not only the inspiration behind this but thru time have become examples of it. They have already learnt to attack every fear and in doing so have accomplished some great feats! For example I am very proud to say that both Hrehaan and Hridaan are probably the youngest snowboarders you can find, Hrehaan is also a scuba diver and they did this in spite of feeling fear. For that I think they deserve a huge round of applause!

I wanted them to hold this award this evening for it is a prize for them too and I share this award with them. I want to thank you Hrehaan and Hridaan for being daddy's inspiration...daddy loves you very much!

I want you all to go back this evening and look your families in their eyes and tell them that they are GREAT! And that they must dream big! Bigger than big! Not through logic but through their imagination because it's only through our imagination that we can truly discover our true potential! and they can cause as I said - nothing is impossible!"

Hrithik Roshan

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