Hrithik Roshan ditches luxury wheels as he takes the Mumbai Metro

Hrithik Roshan took to his social media account as he took the Mumbai metro to work.

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Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan sent Mumbai commuters into a frenzy when he decided to leave his luxurious wheels at home and hop onto the metro for his morning commute. The actor, who is known for his impressive car collection, surprised everyone with this unexpected choice of transportation. And it seems like he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as evidenced by the photos and videos he shared on Instagram.

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 He wrote, "Took the metro to work today. Met some really sweet and kind folks. Sharing with you the love they gave me. The experience was spectacular. Beat the heat + the traffic. Saved my back for the action shoot I’m going for."

What made this particular commute even more remarkable was Hrithik's genuine connection with his fellow passengers. Throughout the journey, he took the time to interact with fans, including elderly women, who couldn't believe their luck at meeting the Bollywood superstar in such an ordinary setting. 

This down-to-earth gesture from Hrithik Roshan didn't go unnoticed. Fans and onlookers appreciated his approachability and humility.

On his work front, he has just wrapped up shooting for "Fighter" in Italy, where he shared the screen with Deepika Padukone. Reports suggest that they were working on a dance sequence, and snippets from their shoot quickly became viral sensations on social media.

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