How Cold Pursuit will remind you of In Order of Disappearance

'Cold Pursuit' preserves the essence of originality yet narrates enthralling tale of its own...


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Hans Petter Moland's Cold Pursuit is a remake of his 2014 Norwegian film In Order Of Disappearance. The writer of the film Frank Baldwin talks about how changes have been introduced in the original movie to suit the American audience. "This movie has a great tone, what I think of as a European tone, where both humor and high-stakes are played side by side. And it's a movie that's dramatic, tragic but also very funny. I think the idea was (that) there aren't very many American movies that can pull that off and we thought this is a remake where you can pull that off, where you can be true to that tone of the original and have humor and drama and tragedy intermixed. And if you can do that, you get a really rich and unusual movie. So that was really one of the driving forces from the start is to embrace the tone of the first one. Not to say well let's leave that tone behind because we're making an American movie but try and incorporate it into ours and yet Americanise it in ways that would set this story would still ring true when we set it here in Colorado instead of in Norway," he says.

Baldwin adds that the film will remind you of the original at places. "I think we preserved so much of the story from the original, the spine of the story. Both are about men who lose their sons and they're both revenge movies that teach the main character the cast of revenge. And so in that sense, they're similar, a lot of the difference comes...the gangsters are all different in this one and a lot of the dialogue has changed but the essential spine which was so solid and fulfilling from the original is maintained in this one," he says.

Director Hans Petter Moland's Cold Pursuit starring  Liam Neeson, Tom Bateman, Tom Jackson,  Emmy Rossum,  Domenick Lombardozzi,  Julia Jones and John Doman to release on 8th February in India by PVR PICTURES.

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