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Hina Khan posts heart-breaking visuals of mother crying on her late father's birthday

Khan lost her father all of a sudden and it indeed has been a tragic loss for the actor and her entire family as well.

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Some losses are indeed incomprehensible. That is also what actor Hina Khan is feeling right now and has been ever since her beloved father passed away a few months ago. Khan lost her father all of a sudden and it indeed has been a tragic loss for the actor and her entire family as well.

Today marked a special day for the family as today would have been his birthday. But instead of  not celebrating it, Khan and her lovely mother decided to still celebrate it and remember him. The actor went on to post a video and some heartbreaking visuals of her mother who is seem sobbing as she cuts the cake and remembers her late husband. Khan also put a long post about it where she talked about showing the vulnerabilities even though she was initially hesitant to post these visuals. Her caption read, "Loss that is incomprehensible makes us feel bitter about life..

But to be able to create our own silver lining takes depth, courage, strength and will ..

I have definitely got that from my mother.. I can’t imagine or know anyone stronger.. she chose to celebrate it and decided to cut the cake on His behalf..she’s both the source and inspiration for my strength..

At first I wasn’t sure about posting these visuals of a courageous yet sobbing mother who’s fighting it out for THE ONE she loved and the ones who love her ..

But just like we have to experience all possible human emotions.. I think to keep our social media presence as real as possible.. we must show the vulnerabilities.. the teary eyes, the sobs and grief ..

Because we must accept us as a whole human being .. with all sides .. hopefully this will make us more tolerant to accept everyone else ..

And that I learned from my beloved Father ..

I humbly request everyone to keep him in your prayers

I will always love you dad 

We will always love you..

Happy Birthday Daddy cool"-

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It indeed takes a lot of courage to even post about it and talk about it but we appreciate the actor's decision to do so.

Hina Khan

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ChickenSoup 2 months ago Was there really any need for her to post someone grieving like this? What is wrong with these people?
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Ktptalks 2 months ago I am sorry to say. But why post a heartbreaking photo of your mum. Some moments of our lives are meant to be private. Sorry for your lost.
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