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Hina Khan has now DEFAMED Bollywood Actresses

Called them with OFFENSIVE names...


With every passing day, Hina Khan is unfolding the never-seen-before sides of her.
And this time, along with passing ill remarks about her colleague from the TV industry, she also defamed two Bollywood actresses, Sakshi Tanwar and Gauahar Khan.

In a new and uncut video of Hina Khan, that's making rounds, she is seen gossiping about Gauahar Khan.

In the video we can see Hina is seen telling the other housemates that Gauahar Khan is not as popular as she is and that Gauahar's followers on social media are less than half of what Hina has.

Then in the other part of the video we can see Arshi Khan expressing her views on Dangal actress Sakshi Tanwar. She says that Sakshi is not very good looking according to her and then Hina Khan adds on to it and hints to Arshi and points at her eyes and tries to tell Arshi that Sakshi Tanwar is cockeyed.

Later, Hina also said that though Sanjeeda Sheikh is good looking, in reality, she does not look good on camera.

Watch the uncut video here:

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ShenzK 2017-12-01T09:56:08Z Why is everyone targeting Hina Khan? She is being real. Yes, she says a couple of things that you might disagree with but that is her opinion. She isn't intentionally defaming anyone. That is her perception. Even we have opinions. Just because she is on national television, does that mean she has to restrain herself from voicing out her opinion. I don't think that's what the show is about. It is about how real you are as a person and still can survive the crazy house. She is opinionated and how is that wrong?

People just need to get a life and stop making a hue and cry out of anything and everything.
-Jhalli- 2017-12-01T03:07:57Z i am nt a hina khan fan but i dnt find aything bad in her comment!
theBoyWonder 2017-11-30T19:22:36Z the video link being circulated is from a pro shilpa twitter account. how do we know its not been edited? why are we blindly trusting the authenticity of it?
Illuminatus. 2017-11-30T09:37:08Z As simple as that... Hina is being real. I like her for keeping it real and gossiping talking. She never did it in a mean way. Gauhar Khan I dont care /know. Sakhshi its true she is not pretty she is an awesome, amazing actress. Eye thing even I have noticed but is that what Hina is hinting or its the editing of BB??? The thing she said about Sanjeeda is true. Everyone knows that. Whats so wrong about being real? <br/>ps- I was not a fan of Hina. I started sympathizing with her after seeing constant media bashing against her. Let the voters decide why is media so biased?2017-11-30 09:42:29
sri11 2017-11-30T09:34:02Z How dumb these media is.They should be responsible before publishing such articles..She really didnt said all that...and all the celebs just jumping in to point their opinions, without watching videos is utter ridiculous...
FreedomOfSpeech 2017-11-30T05:57:56Z Waiting to see ab kya bolegi/bolega is ke defenders ROFL. I was quite when people called my favourite actor jobless, idiot and what not. Now also I stay quite and enjoy the comments going against this lady.
leavesandwaves 2017-11-30T04:59:04Z Media always takes the wrong thing to sensationalise and thats how riots start!
Even if Hina said al those things, it is usual gossip which we also indulge in.
It seems we want fake people, fake praise, fake emotions.
kb_always_96 2017-11-30T04:57:06Z LOL!!..why don't they watch the video properly and then comment !!...she didn't try to defame any actress!!...These so called celebrities are defaming Hina without watching the full video!!..Gauahar khan has been defaming hina alone since day 1!!...By the way i'm not a fan of Hina !!
shelly_22 2017-11-30T03:25:39Z What else can u expect from this ugly lady! Such hypocrite. She even didn't fail to prove the concept of Dont judge a book by its cover' right. Well surely everyone, or atleast some can guess just by looking at her face that she's such a double standard n hypocrite girl but some might still believe her to be honest n true. But this girl showed her true colors in front of entire nation who accepted her as a dutiful daughter wronged them.

Where r her supporters now? Shoo away ppl.
LovingRaYa 2017-11-30T02:51:57Z Hina Khan has done good work in her first show but now as she has entered BB speaking wrong about other actors didn't suit her. She did say she adores Sakshi tanwar but this did not give her right to say wrong about her and other actors who are good in their work.2017-11-30 02:52:50
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