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Himesh Reshamya meets Teen Bahuraniyan

A treat for Himesh fans on sets on Teen Bahuraniya. Find out more about the three beautiful bahus of Gheewala Parivar with updated Videos.

Published: Monday,Jun 25, 2007 03:50 AM GMT-06:00
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Promoting upcoming shows and films on Indian Television has become very popular in recent times. After Shoot out at Lokhandwala hit the small screen in shows like Kasam se and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhie Bahu Thi, Himesh Reshamya decided to promote his debut film - Aap Ka Sarroor in Zee’s Teen Bahuraniya. Its no surprise that Himesh Reshamya picked Teen Bahuraniya to promote his film. Not only has the show captured a million of hearts in a very short while, but also the senior actors of the show have a special place in Himesh’s heart. The actor was blessed by the senior actors, while the young actors showered Himesh with gifts that they had collectively got for him. Our Reporter Hiral Anju Bhatt goes on the sets of Teen Bahuraniyan to catch all the fun and excitement.

The episode which Himesh is a part of, will show the Gheewala family hosting a mega celebration and enjoying the night, singing and dancing, in between the celebrations and dancing to the songs of Aap Ka saroor, the door bell rings, Kokila (the second generation bahu) opens the door, and the entire family is stunned to see Himesh Reshamya at their door step. Himesh walks in and greets the members and performs a song from his upcoming movie.

Himesh Reshamya meets Teen Bahuraniyan
Himesh Reshamya was bubbling with excitement during his visit on the sets. The highlight of the evening was when the press caught the grave actor laughing and smiling for a change. We questioned Himesh about his visit, to which he replied, “I have come here to take blessings from everyone here. All are just great and esteem actors, my movie would be incomplete without their blessings. I am very fortunate that the movie is releasing on my father's birthday, I know you guys cannot wait till my movie’s verdict is out, its releasing on the 29th, so you will know it then.” When asked if he has used Ekta’s theory of promoting movies, Himesh replied - no, because my relationship with these senior actors is not from today it has been there for many years. So I have come here to share my happiness with them and get their blessings."
India-Forums wish the versatile singer - music director - actor, Himesh all the very best for his upcoming movie.
Catch a quick Glimpse Of Himesh Reshamya - one on one with the press: http://www.india-forums.com/video/video.asp?id=70
In between the rehearsals and performances, we caught up with the three leading ladies of the show and tried to get a sneak peak into what was going on in the show and in today’s special dance sequence.

Himesh Reshamya meets Teen Bahuraniyan
Tell us about your character:

I play the role of a girl who wants her own way, but is married in a conservative family.

Out of the teen bahus, who do you more relate to?

I relate to my own character - Bindya. Well, I am not that bad as her. I do know how to cook, and I don't back bite (laughter )

How are the environment of the sets been today?

We have shot a few comedy scenes, I enjoyed that.”

You were in mamta when it started, where did u disappear?

Uhmm, yea, things didn't work out between me and the production house, the way things were going, I wasn't too happy.


Himesh Reshamya meets Teen Bahuraniyan
Next, we have Kadambari who plays the character of Jankhi. A very calm and subtle girl, who is from a rich Gujarati family and who is indeed the back bone of the house.

Tell us about your character:

I am playing a simple girl, who wishes to get married in a happy, big family. Jankhi is a house wife, not a working woman at all.

Out of the teen bahus, who do you most relate to?

I guess - Manjit. As she is a working woman, and so am I. Manjit is a very real life character. And I feel that I relate to her more.

How has today been?

More than anything else, I enjoyed the dance sequence a lot. We're having the best of time doing the dances and the comedy scenes.

Any thing special Going on today for Himesh Reshamiya?

Yes, we all have got him a gift, and we cant reveal that to anyone, about what it is. We're very excited for the whole show.

Himesh Reshamya meets Teen Bahuraniyan
Last but not the least is Manva, who plays the character of Manjit, the Punjabi kudi married into the Gujarati family. She’s a career driven girl, who manages her family and work beautifully.

Tell us about your character:

I play a Punjabi girl who is obsessed with her career and is troubled by her mother in law for her identity, but yet, she tries her best to cope up with all of it.

Will we see you back in Ba Bahu aur Baby?

Yes, within a month or so. Dimple's character has not ended, its just on a break

You play a Gujarati in Ba Bahu aur Baby and a typical Punjabi in Teen Bahuraniya, how was it been?

Its been a little difficult for playing the Punjabi, as I am a Marathi. Before I got the part, I tried to learn Punjabi, and worked on my dialogue delivery a little. I had to focus on my acting, as Manjit being a Punjabi has been a very important aspect in the story.

Why this show?

I like to do variety and more meaning ful roles. Playing a working woman, I really enjoyed that the most. I was doing time squad, and then BBB and then this, I've just enjoyed the phase.

Who do you more relate to?

I relate to Manjit and Bindya. I do pranks like Bindya and yet I’m very career oriented like Manjit.

How has the environment on the sets been today:

Its been great. There is a lot of work pressure, we have been working since morning. And rehearsing, but its been a lot of fun, as it's a break from our daily routine.


To watch the behind the scenes action of the show, please click on the following link:


Those were the three astounding leading ladies from the show along with Himesh Reshamya. All you Himesh fans a special treat is awaiting so do not forget to watch Teen Bahuraniya on Zee Tv.

Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Slide Show: Srividya Rajesh and Shagun
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-Srishty- @-Srishty- 16 years ago OMG he is going to make a special appearence on TB?! Not that I like him but as I watch this soap I will watch...
he interview with the three bahus was great.
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naam mein kya hai Jaani!!! @Kiran. 16 years ago Don't watch the show regularly...will try to watch this episode. Thanks for the interview.
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Rime @Rime 16 years ago thanxx
i loved it!
i wish the movie is the greatest hit of the year
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Priyanka @priyankap 16 years ago i dunt lik HR bt the epi wud b interesting
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