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Here's why we think 'Bepannaah' ENTERED the Top 5 in the first week itself

And it is not going to be sugar-coated..


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Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget could not have asked for a better way to begin their innings on Colors' Bepannaah, as the show made a blistering entry into the Top 5 list in the first week itself.

We had a barrage of disappointing shows that went on-air in the past few days, where Shrimaan Shrimati Phir Se is undoubtedly the worst, but a fresh breath also came in the form of shows like Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, Yeh Pyaar Nahi To Kya Hai and Bepannaah.

Everything is going great for Bepannaah and here are 5 important reasons, why we think the show gets a rocking start.

The Hype - Justified To An Extent

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Okay! The disadvantage that a TV show faces, as opposed to a feature film is that, a film can earn a lot of moolah on the first day of its release and even if it is not liked by the audience later, the financial factor is pretty much taken care of. However, with TV shows, the premier episode may or may not be liked by a particular viewer, and he may choose to never see the show again.
So here, the hype and buzz for the show was immense due to umpteen reasons, and the show managed to live up to it in certain ways. There were some serious loopholes and laughable instances in the premiere, but overall, it was the perfect treat, the fans were expecting it to be.

The Built-Up Has Been Phenomenal

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While, I did not enjoy the first episode too much, I was marginally impressed by the upcoming episodes. I choose to give the over-exaggerated drama a miss here, as the mystery actually does keep you hooked and make you scratch your head on the plot twists. With many people resorting to accept suspense dramas, this is a great sign for the show's future.

The Comeback And The Return

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It is rare that you see a star-studded presentation bomb miserably in the first go. Of course, the eventual result may or may not be that, but the fact that a presentation will showcase an alluring starcast is enough to grab the eyeballs in the first place. 
That also happens with Bepannaah, as it brings together the never-seen-before pairing of Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget on-screen. Harshad had been off the TV for a long time and he would have not asked for a better comeback (atleast on paper). And talking about Jennifer Winget, the actress startled one and all with her bravura performance in Sony TV's Beyhadh and many thought, how can she top that act.
With Bepannaah, we don't quite know if she is better here, but to play a completely contrasting character as opposed to Beyhadh and infact managing to ace the brief too, is the brilliance of an amazing actor and Jennifer does that. The comeback of Harshad and the return of Jennifer set the stage perfectly for the viewers to be ready and watch the show.

The Combination Of Masala And Suspense

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I have never really had the inclination towards exaggerated dramas and illogical plotlines in a TV show, inspite of the fact that they work wonders on the charts (we have a long list of the shows who do that). But hey, that's just me and that is the reason I like to give Bepannaah the credit it deserves.

The serious loopholes and preposterous scenes in the show are fortunately covered up by the phenomenal performances of its leads and the basic crux, which is really engaging.  So, the combination of mass-friendly masala and intriguing plot is an absolute winner in today's times.

The Channel's GRP

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Time and again, I keep highlighting how a channel's GRP (gross rating points) matter immensely and the same couldn't be more pronouncing with the case of Bepannaah. Colors is a numero uno channel and has multiple shows crossing 2 points in the ratings, especially the ones on primetime. Bepannaah replaced the highly successful Shani and the initial eyeballs were confirmed to tune in.
If the same show would have telecast on a channel like Sony TV, we know the situation would have been radically different. But hey, I am not taking anything away from the show's ability to keep the eyeballs glued for the full week, which is not about the GRPs; it's purely the show managing to keep the viewers hooked.

All in all, Bepannaah does have some major positives in its favour and that reflected in the numbers in its debut week.

However, with unimaginable competition and the need to innovate are the real factors that will determine the show's success in the future.

What do you have to say about the show? Leave in your comments below..
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Maryam2 1 years ago Bepannaah
Harshad Chopda the bestestesttt
Harshad Chopda
LetsBeHappy 1 years ago Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai is the best current show. It deserves to be at the top.
Actors of the show Namit Khanna, Palak Jainn and others are just fantastic.
heena.. 1 years ago Bepannaah rocks ...Harshad Chopda keep rocking
EliteChic 1 years ago JW you rocking as Zoe in Beypannah...
Love you loads...
lalita1018 1 years ago Loving Bepannaah...the story line, the performance of Harshad Chopra and Jennifer...amazing
EliteChic 1 years ago Bepannah and Jen absolutely Rock...
Love both..
TeekhiMishti 1 years ago Bepannaah and Harshad Chopda are here to take away everyone's Monday blues ;)
heena.. 1 years ago Loving the show Bepannaah ... Harshad Chopda rocks
Ani_La_Iam 1 years ago I watched few episode and not much good to say. Aditya's anger and hate do not make sense at all and Zoya just too weak..cry cry cry. With the leads it is just high emotional drama. They are just making jet another show with hate/love relationship. Seem like the writers are clever...but something is not connecting. Either the writers has one vision and the rest another.

anjaanichudi 1 years ago No sugar coating, but doesn't look dt positive either. Love Harshad's role n acting n Jennifer Winget acting.
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