Here's what Harsh & Zain Imam have to say about their ELIMINATION from 'Khatron..' last night

The duo got eliminated last week...


Colors' Khatron Ke Khiladi - Jigar Pe Trigger continues to not only be a rating topper consecutively but also rises in terms of the popularity too. Last night was another fantastic episode which had some of the most daring stunts too. It however also witnessed the surprising elimination of Harsh Limbachiyaa and Zain Imam.
There was a partner elimination stunt and it was the first episode of this season to witness a double elimination. This happened as Harsh and Zain got eliminated where they were pitted against Jasmin Bhasin and Ridhima Pandit.

There has been a lot of talk about the stunt and the elimination on social media, and Harsh being classic Harsh shared a laugh about the same which was assisted by Zain himself-

What do you have to say about the same? Leave in your comments below..
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BeyondHorizon 2019-02-18T04:06:37Z See in a partner stunt, things can go wrong on many levels but that doesn't mean u hold ur partner at fault. Harsh has fared so badly in so many solo stunts before. Zain has performed well in other stunts before. Y not take that into account? It was unfair that Bharathi was not eliminated when she was supposed to go out in the first place. I hate this season. Is the worst in the history of KKK.
sheeluneelu 2019-02-16T11:56:30Z I was watching KKK for Zain now it's over for me
sammy17 2019-02-12T02:27:38Z Well done to zain. Glad he is out of the show. People blaming zain for harsh being eliminated (meh whatever to that given that zain is a better performer than harsh anyways) should be content with the news that harsh most likely (and undeservingly) will be returning in the show as a wild card entry. This season is all about bharti's crappy jokes and her romance with harsh anyways, not the stunts. Truth is that every person so far eliminated should have been eliminated after bharti. That woman is here only for entertainment that's all (because no matter the format, colours still want the focus to be on the ridiculous attention seekers). Harsh deserved to be eliminated, irregardless of whether zain was responsible for it or not.
SnehaDoll 2019-02-11T02:52:41Z @wahikimahi -
Absolutely agree that how are you supposed to dig your face inside earthworms. In fact most of the stunts from KKK are absurd and no sane person would do it.
And there is no comparison also regarding who is a better performer among Zain and harsh. Obviously zain. In fact I agree with everything that u said, that it wasn't his day.

But that being said, It was a partner task and Zain couldn't do it, because of which He and harsh got eliminated.
So that's why people are saying Harsh got eliminated bcz of Zain. Nobody is doubting that zain is a bad performer, or not. Coz he is good
WahikiMahi 2019-02-11T02:35:28Z Ppl should stop blaming Zain fr Harsh's elimination.. we already know, who is a better performer among the duo. + Harsh is anyway goin to join back as wild card! so pls get ur facts checked bfr targeting Zain.
Our boy has performed al the stunts well till date & it was jus not his day.! He tried to overcome his fear, but couldn't & its human. don't blame him either, we can't alwys conquer all our fears. esp. this one, how can u evn expect to dig ur mouth in a bowl ful of earth worms.? ewww. Grt that Riddhima did. but seriously tat was one ridiculous stunt to do.2019-02-11 02:38:53
SnehaDoll 2019-02-11T01:01:26Z Because of Zain, Harsh got eliminated.
This season KKK has got top trps.

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