Here's the LEGEND who Param Singh considers to be his BIBLE for acting

A legend we all miss and respect too..

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It is rare that you come across an actor who just became an actor 'by chance.' And even if he/she has, there is always a sense of hardwork, dedication and inspiration that goes into sustaining the idea of being a good actor. Time and again, we come across several actors who talk about their inspiration and how does that affect their process of acting.

One such actor is Param Singh, who, even though has done only two TV shows so far, has managed to do completely contrasting characters.

After playing a woman-hating man in Sadda Haq, he played a rugged character in Ghulaam. Both completely different and yet, he managed to complete justice to both of them.

In a recent conversation with the actor, he talked about his love for actor-director legend, Guru Dutt.

He said, "I am a huge fan of Guru Dutt ji's work, I don't think that there is anyone who loves Hindi Cinema has not seen Pyaasa. His work as a director and actor in the film is like bible for many actors like me. He is easily one of the finest artistes that our country ever had. Apart from Pyaasa, Kaagaz Ke Phool is another personal favourite. I loved his work in both the films; he was subtle, realistic and engaging throughout. I feel that the 50s and 60s era is unmatchable because of its originality in terms of writing, performance and execution."

We are certain the legend that Guru Dutt was, he inspired many!

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Love you Param Singh n come back soon

6 years ago

Thank you IF for the Buzz on Param Singh. Keep them coming.

6 years ago

How can miss comment over here,
Param Singh

6 years ago

Great going.
Param Singh be back soon.

6 years ago

Umm never watched any movies of Guru Dutt Ji .. Commenting only for my Spanish Omelette.. Come back soon with your new show Param Singh

6 years ago

Come back with your new show Param Singh

6 years ago

Guru Dutt still writes or directs? Kuch pata nahi hai.. Reading about him the very fisrt time and that's beacuse the Buzz had name PARAM SINGH.

6 years ago

Commenting for Param Singh.
Guru Dutt

6 years ago

Be back soon, Param Singh
Guru Dutt classic.

6 years ago

Param Singh we're missing you like hell.

6 years ago

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