Helly sprains her foot!

Helly Shah sprains her foot on the sets of Swaragini! Read on!

Helly Shah started her acting career when she was in class 8th; she was seen in Star Plus's Gulaal followed by serials like Alaxmi-Hamari Super Bahu, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi and Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi.

Currently she is playing the role of Swara in Swaragini. While shooting for an outdoor sequence Helly tripped over a rock and sprained her foot. The incident happened 2 days back. Helly was advised to take rest but the actress reported on sets the next day itself.

On contacting Helly she said that she was shooting for a scene where she had to look somewhere else and walk. While doing so she tripped over a rock and her foot twisted, as she was wearing heels the the cramp worsened. She has a ligament tear and a crack in her foot. Everybody is being very helpful to her on sets. They have also started teasing her by calling her langdi ghodi.

Well we wish a quick recovery for the actress! Get well soon.

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Helly Shah

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Comments (23)

get well soon helly shah...
helly shah rocks!!!!

8 years ago

so sad for u helu.. love u my jaan. get well soon. god bless u dear

8 years ago

Get well soon Helly Shah
love u

8 years ago

Good morning ...dear have a great day ahead ..love u lotzzz...keep rock star...

8 years ago

Get well soon Helly Shah

8 years ago

Don't worry helly...u will be fine very soon...
God bless u :-)

8 years ago

take care of ur self and get well soon Helly Shah :)

8 years ago

get well soon Helly shah u rock as swara :)

8 years ago

Helly shah...u r the best...u rock in swaragini...

Dont worry helly...u will be recovery soon...
Our best wishes always with u

8 years ago

Get well soon... Helly shah...our blessing are always with u...tack care...

8 years ago

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