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‘Height of vulgarity’: Shobhaa De & Shruti Haasan Slam B Town as Alia, Janhvi, Sara enjoy Maldives vacay

Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan among others are currently enjoying their vacation in the Maldives which has irked netizens who in return trolled them

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Alia Ranbir Maldives

Courtesy : Instagram

In the past few months, a number of Bollywood celebrities including Shraddha Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor among others have jetted off to the Maldives for a vacation. While the B Town beauties are having a gala time overseas and sharing pictures on social media, the number of Covid-19 cases are sky rocketing in India.

Columnist Shobhaa De has reacted to celebrities holidaying amid the pandemic scenario in the nation. She reshared a post by celebrity publicist Rohini Iyer, who slammed the actors for ‘posting pictures of their privileged life’.

Sharing Rohini’s post, Shobhaa De wrote: “It is the height of vulgarity to flaunt those ridiculous pictures. Enjoy the Maldives by all means. You are blessed if you can get such a break in these bleak times. But do everyone a favour...keep it private.”

In her post, Rohini bashed Bollywood actors as ‘insensitive idiots’ and ‘brainless’ as they continued to share pictures from their vacations on Instagram. “For all of you vacationing in Maldives and Goa and exotic locales, remember, it’s a holiday for you. It’s a bloody pandemic all over. So don’t be an insensitive idiot and post pictures of your privileged life. You’re not only coming across as brainless but also completely blind and deaf. This is not the time to boost your Instagram numbers. This is the time to step up and help or if you can’t do anything, then shut up and stay home! Or stay quiet in your holiday home.. Masked up. No Photos. This is not fashion week or Kingfisher Calendar time!” her post read.

Besides, actress Shruti Haasan has also reacted to her contemporaries enjoying vacations amid the pandemic. She said that while she isn't one to 'judge others', but she stated that it is ‘insensitive’ how the actors are holidaying while the nation battles the deadly Covid-19.

Speaking with The Quint, she said:

“Glad they had a great holiday, they deserved it. I did not personally feel it was a time to go maskless in a pool. It has been a tough time for everyone and for some people much more. I think gratitude and being thankful for privileges is what is most important to know versus throwing your privileges in people’s faces."

Few days ago, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were spotted at the Mumbai airport as they headed to join the Maldives bandwagon. As soon as the pictures went viral, several netizens slammed the couple for the same.

Shruti Haasan Ranbir Kapoor Shraddha Kapoor Alia Bhatt Sara Ali Khan

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silvermoonlight 21 days ago What irks me is how desperate these celebs are for attention. They will post a few pics of them doing something helpful / giving aid and they are back to saint status. Even if they spent all of 5 minutes doing something ‘helpful’
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Tippy-top 21 days ago Usually people do not criticize them when they go for a vacation.
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AnokhiKaShaurya 21 days ago I don't understand why people are getting so worked up. It's their life. If they chose to invite Covid, let them. If you don't like what they post, unfollow them or block them. Publicity, positive or negative, is still publicity. Don't pay so much attention to them.
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RosyRosh 22 days ago It is tone deaf but frankly i dont care. Live and let live.
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sunaina02 22 days ago Brainless and insensitive people !
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azaanabbas 22 days ago Logon ki jealousy ubhar ubhar k aa rahi hai. I dare them to say this stuff to American celebs. Idiots
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