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He is the LOVE OF MY LIFE: Alia on the love of her life, Edward

Alia Bhatt finally talks about the love of her life.


Alia Bhatt certainly is rumours' favourite child. Earlier she was rumoured to be dating Varun Dhawan. And then news broke out that her steady date is none other than 'Sidharth Malhotra'.

There have been a lot of times when Sid and Alia have been snapped together!

However, the real love of her life is neither Varun Dhawan nor Sidharth Malhotra, but Edward! Yes, you heard that right! 

She was quoted as saying, "He is like a piece of my heart, he is the love of my life. It's difficult for me to leave him at home right now and come here. But because it's a very very special event, I have to be here. But I really miss Edward, I want to be with him all the time." (sic)

But, who is this Edward? Any guesses? Well, it's a cat! She got him as her birthday present and he has become her bundle of joy since then!

She says, "I am tired of calling animals with cute names. Boo, choo, koo, loo, we need something royal. Shaheen (her sister) wanted to call him Phoenix, but we finally decided to call him Edward together." (sic)


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