#HappyRakshaBandhan: Telly actors talk about their RAKHI PLANS this year!

Well, a lot of our tinsel town actors love this festival.

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Its Rakshabandhan today and one of the most awaited festivals in the country. And why not, younger sisters get to wrangle gift from their elder brothers and younger brothers get the perfect opportunity to demand that their elders sisters pamper them. 

And the same is with our tinsel town celebs as well. So what if they are busy with their hectic shoot schedules and what not. They take time out for their own sisters and brothers as well as for their rakhi siblings as well. 

On today's occasion, we caught up with a few television actors and got them to reveal their 2018 rakhi plans. 

Ruslaan Sayed

Mostly we shoot on Rakshabandhan, so I do not have social plans as such. If I get time, I get into plans made by my Rakhi sisters. Last year, it was Shivani Surve who tied me a Rakhi, in addition to Preeti Simoes who has been celebrating Rakhi for six years now. It's a fun day for me and I am emotional about it as well as I don't have my sister here. My Rakhi sisters try and do everything to spend some quality time between ourselves and celebrating the joy of this auspicious day.

Sheeba Akashdeep

This Rakhi I will be in USA, dropping my son on Rakhi, so we had an early celebration. It's a very festive occasion as all brothers and sisters and cousins - my husband's - mine and our kids Rakhi sisters, all come over and we have family bonding and games and food and mithai. We love celebrating all the festivities with great pomp and ceremony, decorations and traditional clothes.

Vaishali Takkar

I don't have any Rakhi plans because I am not sure if I would be shooting or not. My brother is visiting me like every year. I'll make plans with him but I am going to miss my family. Every year, we celebrate Rakhi in Indore in a grand celebration. We all go on a picnic and I really miss taking huge gifts and also blackmailing them that I won't tie a rakhi if they don't gift me something big! I remember one incident years back, I was on a school trip and I was supposed to come on the day of Rakshabandhan but it took so long that I ended up coming late in the evening. He did not let any other sister tie him a Rakhi and I was crying since because of me, his hand was all empty that day. One thing that I am still trying to learn from him is how to captivate people with his charm. He is very charming and is always adorable. The best thing about my brother is that he obeys me, he is naughty though but will fight with anyone for me.

Akashdeep Sabir

It's a day that we have been celebrating ever since birth. Earlier we were all living together but now all of us have our own families. But this day has now also created newer relationships as in my sons tie Rakhis to my sister's daughter too. It's just a reason to meet and have lunch or dinner together because as brothers we are supposed to be there for our younger sisters forever and we will be. Yet, it's a sweet family occasion and everyone bonds and has fun.

Vahbiz Dorabjee

Rakhi is obviously always special to me. I have a little brother and this time I have a surprise for him. I hope he likes it. We have done a short Rakshabandhan campaign together so this time I made him do some acting as well. It has been so memorable for both of us as we did a lot of fun. This year, I won't be in Pune and I will be tying him the rakhi before. Every year is a memorable one for us. What I admire and learned the most from him is the discipline he has. He has such a focused and disciplined life. He has all the qualities of being an actor and a model. He is so consistent and so strict about his food and gym. He is very calm and at the same time very happy-go-lucky. He is the laughing Buddha of our house, even in a serious situation, he keeps laughing.

Naveen Sharma

Initially, I was planning to visit Coorg to meet my very close friend who is also my rakhi sister. But, since it's flooded there, I won't be going. I may visit my cousin sisters in Jaipur. I think most of my Rakhis have been with my cousins from my nani's side Every year when we get together on Rakhi, we play games and have fun. When I am in Mumbai, all my cousins and my rakhi sister Madhu courier the rachis to me. My cousins from my father's family have been raised in Goa, so we hardly have celebrated rakhi together.

Gurucharan Singh

My most memorable incident with my sister was when I brought her to be a part of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma'. Earlier too, just her face was shown, but later she was actually acting in one of the episodes. This was one of my gifts for her. My sister is the epitome of women power. She always speaks her mid and stands up for what is right. She has sacrificed a lot for the family. I love that about her. She is so dedicated that she studied after having two kids and started teaching. She has taught me to achieve whatever I want at any age.  

Neha Kaul

After my accident, I don't think I would be able to go to Delhi and personally tie my rakhis, so I have already sent them. This one year, I was shooting outdoors and I could not tie rakhi and I was missing my family and my brothers. Just then my nani called and I started crying. I still remember that year clearly. I have 5 cousin brothers. They are all so hard working and self-made, loving and I always learned from them to never give up and keep going.

Ayush Anand

I am shooting this year for my show Perfect Pati. I am from Delhi and my family is in Delhi, however, this time I cannot take a break as the show has just started and is in the setup the stage. Usually, we celebrate Rakhi in Delhi at my place. I don't have a real sister but having said that, I have many cousin sisters who are no less than a mother to me as me. Rakhi is very special to me because I genuinely feel a very deep connection with all my sisters as I have grown up in their laps. I can share so many things with them which I can't even share with my mother.

Geetanjali Singh

It's Rakshabandhan and I have made besan ladoo for my brother and got him a gift But, I think will be out of town for my film promotions, so will miss him. I can never forget when my brother tried to give me a nice haircut. It was such a disaster that my mother started crying once she saw me. It was the Raksha Bandhan day. The best thing about him is that he knows me more than I know about myself. I learned unconditional love from him.. And the kind of respect he gives to everyone especially women. He treats my sister in law like a queen always. And I just love this thing about him.

Heital Puniwala

I am very excited about Rakhi. This year, I am especially going to Surat to meet my sister for Rakhi and I want to give her surprise. My sister is a very interesting person. She is very joyful and is always ready to help me and others also. She is also very caring and lovable to my family. Whatever her condition is. she is always with us. She is a very good cook and a great fasion designer. her dressing sense is wonderful. 

Pooja Banerjee

I have two brothers and lots of cousin brothers. Rakhi for me is the day when it just dawns me that I should be thankful towards my brothers, since they are ones who are always taken granted for. We never acknowledge the love that they silently keep showering on us sisters and of course in their own unique way. 

Sneha Wagh

I have a younger sister and we don't have a brother. When we were kids, she used to tie me rakhi. 

Happy Raksha Bandhan guys. 

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Drashti Dhami, rest assured dear, you are fantastic as Nandini...hope you had a great Rakshabandhan.

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