#HappyMonsoon: TV celebs reveal their favourite Rain Song & also memories attached to it!

Happy monsoon readers.

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Monsoon is that time of the year when there is romance and memories all around. This is also that time of the year when all we want to do is sit in our balcony and sip some chai, have some snacks, listen to our favourite songs and recollet our fave rain memories. 

And that's what we quizzed our television celebs about- a song that best describes the monsoons for them and their fond memories attached to this season. 

Shantanu Maheshwari

Dhaga La Lagli Kara is my favourite monsoon song. And it has some really amazing memories attached to it. We'd shot an awesome rain dance sequence on this song for one of the monsoon episodes on Dil Dostii Dance, which the entire cast and crew had a blast doing. Hence it is one song I love tuning into, when it rains as it brings back so many memories! 

And as for memories, my favourite ones go back to the days of when I had just shifted to Mumbai. I remember getting back from college, rolling up my pants, wearing a windcheater  and walking back from Malad station to my home! Just exploring the Mumbai monsoons which were so new to me and I would thoroughly enjoy.

Mishal Raheja

Yeh saazish hai boondon ki from the film Fanaa has to be my favourite song. I love it because I used to sing it to my girlfriend years ago to woo her when Fanaa had released back then. And it also is a very nice and romantic rainy song!

And my best monsoon memory goes back to the time when my friends and I had driven down to Lonavala at 5am after a party. We were on the roads for a good 48 hours, living on bhajiyas and vada pav! That truly was and always will be my best monsoon memory! 

Faisal Khan 

I love Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein from the movie Zeher. It is my favourite monsoon song because it gives a very different feel to the entire surroundings when listening to it during the rains. It is also a very romantic rainy number. I love listening to it when it is raining heavily. And my favourite monsoon memories are from my school days when I would walk back home in the rains, splashing into all the puddles and making these small paper boats which I would put into the puddles and make them go round and round. Those were some amazing days and awesome memories. 

Rytasha Rathore

Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua! It is the best monsoon song there ever is. And the lyrics are honestly like a life lesson. I just love sitting and hearing to the song, when it pours! And my monsoon memory has to be when as kids I, my sister and a couple of our friends would always head up to our building terrace to play football. And those were some of the best games we have played. Absolutely wet, rather drenched, and just going all out with our game and making some amazing monsoon memories, that was how we enjoyed the rains. 

Debina Bonnerjee

Dekho Zara Dekho Barsat Ki Jhadi, is my favourite monsoon song. I love hearing it especially during the monsoons. It is such a cute and lovely number and brings in the whole rainy season feel when hearing it. My favourite monsoon memories are from my childhood. My mom and I would sit and sing these amazing Bengali songs together on heavy rainy days. Infact, now also when it rains, I go to my window, look out at the rain and sing all those Bengali songs I used to sing as a child, and remember all the beautiful memories attached to them.

Well, now that we know what our celebrities like and cherish the most about monsoons, let us know your favourites of the season. 

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That dance sequence was fun! Shantanu Maheshwari! Love you loads! Happy monsoon :*

5 years ago

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