#HappyDiwali: Wishes galore to the readers from Zee TV Stars

Happy Diwali Readers! Read on to know more.

- By "Team India Forums"
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Ravi Dubey currently seen as Satya in Jamai Raja

I used to celebrate Diwali with my parents in Delhi all through my childhood. It was usually a get together for all of us, where our close relatives and friends would exchange gifts, homemade delicacies and sweets. I have been celebrating Diwali with my parents as well as in-laws. There is a lot of bonding, love, togetherness and festivity all around.

Leena Jumani currently seen as Tanu in Kumkum Bhagya 

I grew up in a colony where there were a lot of mischievous boys often up t o no good. Once during Diwali, when I was lighting a diya, they burst some crackers using the flame of my diya when it was still in my hands and I lost my temper and bashed up four of them. It was a very funny moment and I still recollect it every Diwali and laugh at myself. For me, Diwali is all about sweets and shopping, spreading a lot of love and being with family and close friends.

Eisha Singh currently seen as Rani in Ek tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

Diwali for me is all about laddoos, lights and love. I love decorating my house with different kinds of lights and flowers. We also exchange gifts with our dear ones. When I was a kid, we used to collect money and buy crackers that we'd burst with our neighbourhood friends. Of course, the excitement of opening up gifts on Diwali has always been special.

Rohan Gandotra currently seen as Yug in Kaaala Teeka 

Apart from worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on this day, one feels the spirit of Diwali very strongly when you follow the Lakshmi Pooja with an evening of cards, Diwali delicacies and laughter. I am completely against crackers and believe in conserving our environment. I remember stopping my brother and friends from bursting crackers, not that they really listened to me or  stopped.  I used to hide myself from the smoke of the crackers as I've always hated pollution. Hopefully, I'll be visiting home this Diwali. I tend to return more optimistic, motivated and energized after meeting my family. So, my plan is to rejuvenate myself this Diwali.  Say No To Crackers.

Ashmit Patel currently seen as Faisal in Amma

As kids, we used to get very excited about bursting crackers and my sister used to make rangolis. We also used to go with dad to his office for Pooja and celebration. The festivity that surrounds Diwali makes all of us cheerful and enthusiastic in this time frame. I love to celebrate Diwali with friends and family. I'm going for a small vacation this Diwali as spending quality time with the family makes me very happy.

Shiny Doshi currently seen as Mahi in Jamai Raja

In my childhood, my brother and I used to burst a lot of crackers but my brother would invariably steal my lot after finishing his own. My father used to then get me more crackers. I really get nostalgic thinking about those days. This year I want to spend Diwali with my family and I am really looking forward to it.

Sartaj Gill currently seen as Raja in Ek tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

Diwali were the days when my friends and I used to burst crackers from evening till midnight, we used to come home to just have sweets; again go down and so on. Later we used to spy as to who is left with how many crackers and then we used to burst our friends' crackers and enjoy the most. Diwali for me is all about having good food and a lot of sweets with close friends and family.

Harsh Vashisht currently seen as Parimal in Sanyukt

With the terrorism threat faced by our country, I would request people to show solidarity to our armed forces and also boycott the use of Chinese lights during Diwali. Also to curb noise and environmental pollution, we should refrain from bursting crackers and make this Diwali a festival of lights and sharing ...not noise. Diwali is always meant getting together with family and friends and celebrating Laxmi Pooja with lots of sweets and great food.

We wish all our readers a very Happy Diwali!