Hansika Motwani, Chief Guest for Bidaai's Mahotsav..

The pretty face from Bollywood, Hansika Motwani will be seen as the Chief Guest of the Natraj Mahotsav in Star Plus' Bidaai...

Star Plus and Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai will kick-start a new chapter in Sadhana's (Sara Khan) life, wherein she is trying her level best to learn dance in four days time so that she participates in Natraj Nrity Mahotsav, to win the five lakh booty to save her Mami's life. 

As reported earlier, the airing of the Mahotsav will start in a couple of days with an opening act by Sangeeta Ghosh. The Mahotsav will also see Sanjeeda Sheikh shaking her legs.
The latest is that the channel and production house have roped in the pretty face from Bollywood, Hansika Motwani as Chief Guest for the Natraj Mahotsav.

According to our reliable source, "Hansika Motwani will be seen as the Chief Guest of the Mahotsav, wherein Sadhana will participate. The Taj Mahotsav which was shown earlier in Bidaai had the Dream Girl Hema Malini judging it. Eve this time, the channel and production house wanted to bring in a face from Bollywood, and it will be Hansika judging this event now".

A little birdie tells us that Hansika is scheduled to shoot for Bidaai today.

We sent a text message to Producer Rajan Shahi, but he remained unavailable.

Hansika made her debut in Bollywood as the leading lady in Himesh Reshammiya's Aap Kaa Surroor – The Real Luv Story.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Hansika Motwani

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Comments (29)

this is quiet bad,they should have created a character and made some senior actor play the part.
Hansika is younger then Sara/Parul/Sanjeeda and Sangeeta.
Instead of dancing Sanjeeda should have been made the judge.
this looks awkward.

14 years ago

Guys please stop it yaar! Peace! Thanx for the article but I would rather have a guest who has some knowledge on dance.... But I guess recession has hit them bad!

14 years ago

i dont get y people judge each others opinion.....just put ur opinion nd no one needs to talk about it....nd my opinion is that hansika is really young.....nd less deserving then hema malini thats for sure...

14 years ago

Friends, it's enough now. You're all aware of the rules and know that any kind of foul language aswell as attacking or bashing others - be it a member or an actor - is not allowed. So please stop fighting.


14 years ago

Why are you guys fighting??? If you really wanna fight then pls use Private messages.. and fight back and forth........This is unbelievable!

14 years ago

STop it Everyone..This is for all of you..
why bringing Parul & Sara


14 years ago

dhaaraa jane do yaar, some ppl will never change.

14 years ago

hansika????? they cud have got someone better

14 years ago

Here you guys go again.....keep the discussion in the forum...why fight in a TB article.......and again,

I thought Ragi/Sadi were participating, but why bring Sara/Parul here???

14 years ago

Some people can never learn....please refrain from attacking others in TB articles.<br/>Back to the article..Hansika looks nice. This sounds interesting.

14 years ago

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