#HalloweenWithIndiaForums - Srishty Rode's Halloween experience!

Bubbly Srishty Rode talks her memorable Halloween celebrations in conversation with us.

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The scary sound, wicked witches, bats, ghosts and zombies surrounding us, remind us of the scariest day which is known as Halloween Day. On the occasion of Halloween Day yesterday many popular faces of TV joined India-forums for the celebration. One such actress was bubbly Srishty Rode who was last seen in Star Plus' Saraswatichandra.

When asked Srishty whether has she attended a Halloween party before or not she says, "I feel scared to celebrate this day and also to watch the weird ghost. Since last year I have been celebrating Halloween Day."

Talking about her experience of celebrating Halloween, Srishty says, "Yes, last year I had gone for a Halloween party to a place where many people had painted their faces. I painted my face too and had blood scars on my face. It was a normal party but everybody was dressed up like a ghost which was very interesting."

Continuing further she says, "As I said I have been to a Halloween party before but the way India-forums celebrated this day was something amazing to see. This is the first time I saw an office decorated so mind blowingly."

What does Srishty has to say about the western concept being adopted in our country today? "Most of people don't know why is it celebrated, even I don't have much idea so it's like another party where people can come together, meet and have fun. So for me Halloween is about partying with friends and dressing up like a ghost."

Has she ever celebrated it in abroad? Srishty says, "No, I have never celebrated Halloween abroad. I am waiting for the opportunity and next time whenever I plan a abroad  trip I will see to it that it happens during Halloween time so that I can visit Halloween party there. I think it will be a different experience as here people are taking so much effort making the celebration brilliantly so the creators who have created this concept must be surely celebrating it on a different level."

Srishty shares her childhood pranks to scare people and says, "In my childhood I was a big time prankster. I used to apply powder on my face, wear white clothes and scare my servant and none of the servant used to survive for long in my house. Then when my friends use to come and stay at my place I use to put ketchup on my face and keep fooling  people around. But  during my school days I saw exorcism which scared me and since then I stopped playing pranks and I myself gets easily scare now."

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Anisha_anitan 6 years ago Srishty Rode nice interview

Hope to see you back onscreen soon
_Manpreet_ 9 years ago Can't wait for dhoni =D.. its gonna be aweomse
NautankiSaali17 9 years ago he loves his kids more than anything in this world...its just too cute <3
SRKTima 9 years ago awww thats shooo shweeet! luv you my SRK!
deleteaccount 9 years ago i knew u wud do it SRK!! U R THE BEST!!! better than anyonne else!!!
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