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GOT7 In The Top 5 of World Albums & World Digital Song Sales Charts Again

The K-pop boy band earn their best sales week since 2017. The K-pop boy band also land their 13th single to go Top 5 on World Digital Song Sales.


Almost seven years into their career, GOT7 continue to prove their strength as consistent chart-toppers.

GOT7's newly released Dye EP debuts at No. 4 on Billboard's World Albums chart, marking the K-pop group's 11th top-five entry to date. Dye earns 4,000 equivalent album units in the week ending April 23, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data. Of that total, 3,000 came from traditional album sales.

Dye marks the septet's best sales week in more than three years, coming in just behind the chart debut weeks of Flight Log: Arrival (which debuted in April 2017) and Fly (April 2016). So far, GOT7's best-selling album in America is Fly with 7,000 albums sold to date.

This new release also sends GOT7 to new peaks on both Top Current Albums (at No. 27 on the sales-only focused chart of recent, current releases) as well as Top Album Sales (No. 32 on the sales-only focused chart of all releases). It all shows a strong sales push for the group even as traditional album sales in America were impacted early by coronavirus concerns.

Over on the World Digital Song Sales chart, GOT7's new single "Not by the Moon" starts at No. 5 on the tally, marking the group's 14th Top 5 entry. The moody R&B-pop track sold 1,000 copies in the week ending April 23, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data.

After the members shared teasers on their Instagram Stories that left their fanbase Ahgase scratching their heads, this new bit of info should clear things up a bit. The teaser was simply a phrase written in Korean, which turned out to mean ‘Not By The Moon’, the name of their new single. GOT7’s official Twitter account posted a teaser trailer on Sunday afternoon that has a distinct ‘olde worlde vibe’. The animated clip morphs into live action as the boy group sit in the back of a horse-drawn cart writing on individual pages. When they reach their destination, the pages form a book that when held over a light, reveals the name of the song.

There were also some Shakespearean quotes posted on social media, including: ‘Don’t swear by the moon. The moon is always changing. Every month its position in the sky shifts. I don’t want you to turn out to be that inconsistent too.’ Another line reads: ‘My body will be your sheath. Rust inside my body and let me die.’

Within the performance video, GOT7 enrapture followers with their princely elegance, using a pure marble, royal court docket as their stage. In the meantime, returned with the discharge of their 11th mini-album ‘Dye‘ this previous April 20, not too long ago taking residence their 1st music present win on ‘Present Champion‘. 


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