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'God's been kind' - Meiyang Chang

BollyCurry caught up with Chang for an exclusive chit chat on his debut release...

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From being a dentist to participating Indian Idol and now starting an acting career, life for Meiyang Chang has truly been a roller coaster! Well, BollyCurry caught up with Chang for an exclusive chit chat on his debut release slated to hit the silver screen on May 7th!

1) From a dentist to Indian Idol and now to acting, did you ever imagine that life would take such drastic turns?

Dream come true for sure ;) Jokes apart, since I changed streams "just for a lark" God's been kind and I've been very lucky to have grown from strength to strength. When I started hosting Indian Idol 4 in 2008, a friend of mine has mentioned in jest, "One day we'll see you in a Yashraj film" and viola, it has come true! I must request my friend to joke more often ;) I did not shift from dentistry because I did not like that field of work. I moved because here was a golden opportunity to explore an aspect of myself which I'd have perhaps never have got all my life. And I'm overjoyed that this quest for exploration & creative introspection has brought me to this stage today where I share screen space with fine actors & good human beings like Shahid, Anushka & Vir. They have been supportive & cordial and we've become good friends and must say, Yashraj really knows how to pamper their actors without spoiling them.  "Pay it forward". Goodness shared is goodness received

2) How did you acquire your role in 'Badmaash Company' ? Could you shine some light on your character?

The role of Zing is of a boy from the North-eastern regions of India. When Parmeet was writing this role, he had seen me on Indian Idol & had considered only me for the role. So in that sense, it is an author backed role for me. Zing is a happy-go-lucky chap, who'll give leg-and-arm for his friends if need be. He is the boy-next-door, yet with a certain identity crisis because he's not always seen as the Indian he truly is. And he has a vice: alcohol. He's perhaps the most flawed out of the 4 friends & once the group has seen enough money, luxury & dreams coming true, the instant gratification combined with increasing alcoholism reveals certain grey-streaks in Zing. The transition is great, relatable and the most beautiful thing about Zing is that though he is a loyal friend, he's egoistic & rebellious and brings about the first chinks in the friendship's armor

3) Will we be hearing any Bollwood chartbusters from you soon? If so, which movies?

I'd love to sing for Bollywood films! Who wouldn't, with such kick-ass music coming out with every film? I haven't sung in Badmaash Company and right now TV & movies are my priority. I'm sure if I keep training right & move in the right direction consistently then I'll hit the singing jackpot as well

4) In 'Badmaash Company' you play Shahid's best friend, what was the experience working with Shahid Kapoor?

Shahid is a very focused actor, with a keen eye for details. He was very reserved initially since we were very new to each other. With passing time he took the initiative for us to become friends. He lends a helping hand and an un-interfering advice whenever needed. I guess this kind of support is fantastic for me as a new actor. Though honestly, I'm much closer to Anushka, Vir & Parmeet

5)On the sets of 'Badmaash Company', was there any funny incident that you can recall?

On the wrap-up of our first hectic schedule in Thailand, the entire cast & crew was unwinding on the beach. Alcohol was flowing, music was blaring & everyone was in high spirits. Suddenly, without warning the high tide started moving in and much, much faster than expected. The panic & the clumsy splashing around was hilarious!

6) Rapid Fire:

Favourite Actress:
Shahana Goswami, Deepika Padukone *sigh*

Favourite Actor:
Aamir Khan, Leo DiCaprio, Morgan Freeman

Favourite Song:
Nahi Rakhta Dil Mein Kuch by Lucky Ali

Favourite Movie:
Rang De Basanti, Lord of the rings series

Shahid or Anushka:

Television or Bollywood:

Better Dance, Shahid or Hrithik:

BollyCurry wishes Meiyang Chang all the very best for his debut release!

Nadia I.

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