Girliyapa strikes again with Unfair & Lovely; Breaks stereotype related to skin color

Girliyapa Spotlight talks about issues that matter, and this video is an attempt to call out the bluff on Indian society’s obsession with light skin... Read on to know more.

18 January 2019

Challenging yet another norm, Girliyapa has released a new video that attempts to thwart age-old prejudices. In the video, titled Unfair & Lovely', Girliyapa tackles issues faced by women with darker complexions, creatively using classic Girliyapa style humor and land a powerful message.

After videos like Kanika and Love is Love, the latest vignette by Girliyapa is a satirical take on India's obsessions with lighter complexion. From grandmother's weird skin-lightening nuskhas (tips) to absurd advice like wearing dull clothes, from no luck in love or landing a job this video aptly captures the woes of dusky women in India.

To all the situations she has been subjected to, Khushbu Baid, of Gully Bai fame, has the perfect response, "Skin tone has nothing to do with a person's capability and it is time we change our mentality about dark complexion."

In an effort to challenge and bring a change in the thinking of the Indian society,Unfair & Lovely"reiterates that it is high time Indian society recognized thatthe skin color has no bearing on one's capabilities or achievements, and that one can definitely be Unfair & Lovely!

So, it's time we move away from believing that only light skin is beautiful and start accepting thatDark skin too is beautiful'. Watch the video here:

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