Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Surekha berates Isha

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Surekha confronts Isha and tries to criticize her, but Isha gives her a spat reply.

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In tonight's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Durva informs Surekha that, regardless of assistance, she's determined to make Savi's life miserable, revealing her plans for the college's cultural festival. Surekha pledges support, emphasizing she won't allow anyone to intervene. Mandar questions Samrudh about what he was counting, leading to Samrudh expressing his intent to seek revenge on Savi for every injustice. Mandar suggests a drastic measure, proposing to have Savi killed, but Samrudh opts for a more torturous approach.

Durva shares her resentment towards Savi with Surekha, blaming her for spoiling Durva's happiness. Surekha aligns herself with Durva, expressing her own desire for revenge against Savi and Isha. Ishaan confides in Anvi about Savi's resilience in fighting for justice, and Savi, reflecting on her parents' photo, acknowledges Ishaan's unique support. Talking to Anvi, Ishaan highlights Durva's mistreatment of Savi and Savi's subsequent act of saving Durva. Anvi agrees. The following day, Savi unexpectedly finds Ishan at her door, expressing gratitude for her saving Durva. He gifts her flower plants, and Savi, pleased, suggests giving one to Isha for her role in exposing Samrudh. Ishaan refusal implies that Savi has a knack for dampening people's spirits. Savi thinks Ishaan can't find happiness even for a short while.

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Savi visits Isha, thanking her for exposing Samrudh and gifting her a plant. Isha appreciates the gesture. Savi reveals Ishaan's morning visit and the gifted plants. Despite Savi's optimistic outlook, Isha understands the impossibility of certain reunions. Savi invites Isha as a judge for the cultural festival, highlighting her position in the education department. Isha, aware of potential objections, hesitates.

Yashwant reviews the guest list, instructing Nishi to invite guests personally. Shantanu suggests checking the judges' list to avoid confusion. Ishaan, shocked, sees Isha's name and is asked to remove it. Yashwant is uncomfortable with Isha's presence, while Ishaan clarifies that he doesn't want her talking to him. Nishi supports Isha's inclusion, citing her high position in the education department.

Surekha inquires Shikha about the arrival of the cultural festival's invitation cards, expressing her desire to invite her Maratha friends. Shikha confirms that the cards arrived recently and are in Durva's possession. Upon entering Durva's room, Surekha discovers her writing "Ishaan" and "Savi" on the cards instead of Bhosale. Questioning Durva's choice, Durva explains that Isha and Savi now control the Bhosale family. Isha is invited as a guest on Savi's orders, approved easily by Yashwant and Nishi. Determined, Surekha vows to prevent Isha and Savi from entering the festival venue.

Ishaan takes charge of hosting the event and extending a warm welcome to all attendees. He reveals that the winning team's scores will be integrated into their final exam marks and introduces a guest responsible for evaluating the teams. Yashwant wonders why Surekha hasn't arrived yet while she patiently waits for Isha in her car at the college entrance.

Ishaan introduces four teams, including those led by Durva and Savi, and announces a graffiti competition during the college's auditions. The crowd proceeds to the auditorium, where Yashwant commends Savi for the arrangements, and she attributes it to teamwork. Shantanu discreetly signals Savi, catching Ishaan's attention. Ishaan instructs the competitors to showcase their graffiti art on the walls, initiating the lively event. Surekha confronts Isha and tries to criticize her, but Isha gives her a sharp reply. 

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