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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin fame Kishori Shahane talks about the 5 year leap in the show

Bhavani Kaku aka Kishori Shahane talks about the show taking a five year leap.

Published: Wednesday,Aug 24, 2022 09:55 AM GMT-06:00
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Kishori Shahne

Star Plus' popular show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin recently took a five year leap. The audience is not only loving the high voltage drama but also all the characters and their developments in the show.

The characters have become household names and one such character that has been liked by the audience is that of Bhavani Kaku which is played by veteran actor Kishori Shahane

India Forums got in touch with Kishori Shahane, who talked about the leap saying,

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"This leap is like a fresh breeze in Ghum Hai Kissike Pyar Mein. With all characters getting into progressive thoughts of acceptance of situation which arised from unforeseen happenings. Move on is the best Mantra to handle life."


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin recently took leap and post that it is seen that Sai gave birth to a baby girl and started taking care of her as a single mother. In the five year leap, Virat and Paakhi are shown married.

Kishori Shahane Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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Marielouise 3 months ago The story is Nice but i still dont trust palkhi deep down i think she still is afraid and jelious sai is a perfect mother to savi and i am happy she still got preagnant although everybody tought she could get not it is nice to see how vinyak and savi love eachother and have a good bond together sai i dont think will get maried again or United with virat they will proberly become good friends because of the children
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Shaome 3 months ago Complex marriage is the new progressive thought..I thought BHabu married Vitthal mane..That sound more progressive ..Bhabu will become jaggy's sauteli Aai
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WildestDreams 3 months ago …progressive thoughts…more like regressive ones 🫣
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Anilaanu 3 months ago Atleast veteran actors should call out wrong doings of their onscreen character but here they are desperate to prove themselves as positive...learn from that young girl playing pakhi in anupamaa..
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Mad_Maxx 3 months ago I dont think the audience isloving the track..
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WittyKittyVixxy 3 months ago MOVE ON & “progressiveness” is being sold so that makers, channel and costars can whitewash the most moralless character in the show. Bhavani always thought she was the ideal bahu & now she is married to her laadla Virat.

It is pathetic that even a veteran actor like Kishori doesn’t have the b*lls to call out a character for what it is. So many veterans and all of them have no guts!
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Colors2012 3 months ago Progressive thinking 🤔… So now Sai should live her life as a single mother to both the kids or they can give her a NEW LEAD.,, if Sai comes back to CN it won’t serve the purpose of their so called progressive thinking.. Let them be happy with Adarsh Bahu
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Clois_semperanc 3 months ago Also Kishori once called Pakhi the ideal bahu when she wasn't even one, now that Pakhi is all white washed she'll become bahu of the century, Sai who right?
Why can't these actors grasp what's wrong from what's right and learn to call out a negative character for it. You're calling the character out not the actual actor herself who is your favorite person on set.
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nutmeg7 3 months ago Move on is the best mantra = Pakrat have married accept it everyone
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Clois_semperanc 3 months ago Ha the woman who didn't let a wife go on a lunch outing with her own pati is now all of a sudden become ultra progressive.
Why not when her unfulfilled dream of having relations with her devar is fulfilled via Pakhi and Virat! She always encouraged incestous relations between those two, saying why can't you do this for Pakhi if you're doing it for Sai.
Progressive thoughts of acceptance of situation my a&&
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