'Ghulaam's' Rashmi is getting a RADICAL change!

She is finally getting her voice back...

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Sareeka Dhillon, who is winning accolades with Life OK's Ghulaam is very happy these days with her track in the show. The actress has been seen essaying the role of a girl who has lost her speech, but with the new track, the actress is going to get her voice back in the show. 

Wondering how will it happen? 

Rashmi (Sareeka Dhillon) gets her voice back when she is locked in the car with a bag of scorpions. 

Yes, having evil intentions Veer (Vikkas Manaktala) will trap a helpless Rashmi in a car with a bag full of these poisonous creatures but they backfire and how! The lady who had lost her speech magically regains it after crying out loud and trying to seek help. 

It has been very difficult for Sareeka to play the character of a girl who has lost her speech. Asking her about the same, she says, "It has been very challenging both emotionally and mentally for me to play the character of Rashmi. When you have to convey your emotions only through expressions it gets difficult as I have to keep all the minute details in mind to do justice to my role. I am extremely happy with the appreciation I have received for my character. Now, with me getting my voice back in the show I am looking forward to doing some good scenes. 

I am thankful to the makers for bringing this track and having faith in my work. My only aim is to push myself to do better every day." 

The sources from the set reveal that Sareeka is the favourite of not only her co-actors but also the makers of the show. She is called 'Pakeezah' by everyone on set. 

That's quite a compliment Sareeka!

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Comments (4)

IF is sooo slow in bringing this OLD news which has already aired about a week ago... Lol

7 years ago

It's not a sudden thing she is trying to speak from so many days and even spoke to manmeet earlier.

7 years ago

She is a fantastic actress!!!!!

I especially love her pair with Shahrukh Khan!!!!

10 years ago

Love Anushka and especially SHAH RUKH KHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 years ago

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