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Gen Next speaks on Fathers' Day...

Your favorite actors from television talk about their on screen fathers and share some facts with Telly Buzz in the Special on Fathers' Day..

Published: Sunday,Jun 21, 2009 21:52 PM GMT-06:00
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21st June is celebrated as Fathers' Day and on this occasion, Telly Buzz talks to the Gen Next of small screen to know more about their relationship with their on screen fathers..

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Shivshakti aka Bebo from Sabki Laadli Bebo says, "There is not much of a difference between the onscreen and off-screen relationship that I share with Kanwaljeet Singh. He is very loving and affectionate. The only difference that I can say is that off-screen he calls me Jaan."

According to Shivshakti everyday with Kanwaljeet is a memorable day for her. "When I go to the sets Kanwaljeetji gives me a hug. It's a really great start to my day."

Her message to all the fathers is short and sweet. "I love you. Be Happy!"

Mrunal Jain of Bandini explains the contrast between his onscreen relationship and off-screen relationship with his father, Dharamraj Mahivanshi aka Ronit Roy. He says, "On
screen I have still not accepted him as my dad.  I respect him as king of Dharampur. But I have not forgotten my mom's death whereas off-screen he is a great friend of mine. He is my teacher and guide who gives me cool tips on giving fine shots."

Talking about a memorable incident that happened on the sets Mrunal says, "There was scene where DM was hit and has a band aid on his head. Hiten comes to see him and leaves a letter that says get well soon. But the shot went wrong because tears came out of my eyes and Hiten never cries. I had to redo the shot. But Ronit was so touched
that he gave me a hug."

His message to all the fathers is "Spend quality time with your family like there is no tomorrow."

Parul Chauhan aka Ragini of Bidaai has become sort of a surrogate daughter to actor Alok Nath. She says, "Ragini always gives her Bauji's happiness number one priority. If at all she is going through some difficult phase she will smile so that her Bauji is not affected by her sadness. But as Parul, I share each and everything with Alokji. If I'm sad I just burst out crying in front of him. In fact, the first person to whom I spoke about Nishant is Alokji."

Talking about her close relationship with Alokji Parul says, "I can never forget that one day when due to some personal crisis I was struggling to give shots. This had been going on for few days but on that particular day, Alokji just came held my hand, looked into my eyes and cried. Then he questioned me about the problem. When I shared my problem, he asked me not to hide any thing again from him and that he would help me no matter what it is."

Parul says that "I love both my father and Alokji a lot. And I hope that all fathers become a source of peace and happiness in their daughters' lives."

Ratan Rajput shares an awesome relation with her father in real life though onscreen the concept is entirely different. She says, "I call him Babu (Aditya Lakhia) and I share a great rapport with him. He treats me with so much affection, what can I say? He gets me bhel on the sets because that's my favorite! On screen, Laadli cannot believe the fact that she has been sold by her father. The trust is so strong that she is in a state of denial."

Ratan shares with us a scary tale. "There was a sequence where we had to shoot with a snake. We were terribly scared. But let me clarify, we were scared for each other's sake and not for ourselves!"

The message that she gives goes like the lyrics of a popular song. "Fathers be good to your daughters. They are not your burden. Instead they can make you feel light by sharing your problems."

Karan Mehra has a dual reason to celebrate Father's day as it's also his real life father's birthday. However, he regrets that he won't be able to wish him in person as his family is settled in Delhi. He goes on talk about his on screen father. "I have seen him as an idol long before I started working with him. He has lovingly guided me throughout. Onscreen,
however, our equation varies. We share a cordial relationship but not a true father and son one. That's why we don't even have a lot of one on one scenes".

Karan goes on to say that spending time with him in the studio is always fun. "Whenever we get together somehow we always end up laughing."

According to Karan a father is the main pillar which supports the family. He says "A mother's love is what keeps the family going together. But a father has to guard and guide the family through the ways of the world. His hard work and dedication to the family counts a lot. And I'm thankful to all the fathers who have supported their family in
this way."

Abhishek Rawat echoes Mrunal's sentiment as he goes on to say, "Onscreen I'm not in good terms with my father (sudesh Berry) because his ideology in life is not something that I'm proud of. I'm more considerate and compassionate unlike him. Till now we both have not had a laugh together like a normal father and son. Off-screen Sudesh Berry and I
are very friendly. He tells great stories and I love listening to them. Even though he is in his fifties, he is very energetic." He adds, "All his stories are indeed memorable!"

Abhishek appreciates the spanking that fathers give to their children. He says, "When children come to a certain age especially in the case of boys, the mother's control over them is at times not enough. This is where the father's stern attitude helps. That really helps children become more rooted in their moral values."

Well, these were the thoughts of your favorite actors on their on screen fathers.. Let's now take some time out and wish our fathers, A Very Happy Fathers' Day…

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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