Gaurav Sareen meets with a deadly accident; takes a break from ‘Lovepantii’

Gaurav met with a serious accident recently and was hospitalized. He has now taken a break from shooting for his Azad TV’s show ‘Lovepantii’.

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Gaurav Sareen

India Forums brings to you a major update from the Television industry.

Azad TV’s show ‘Lovepanti’ is slowly and steadily making a mark in the industry. The show revolves around a boy named Arjun who has been taught to live within parameters set by his father. Even his dreams have been tailored by his parents and he has accepted his life accordingly. The story of ‘Lovepantii’ is about how this common boy rises to the occasion when he gets an idea that he is in love. Raised in a conformist Brahmin family, he falls in love with Ranjana, a progressive minded girl from a Thakur family. Actors Gaurav Sareen and Tripti Sharma play the lead roles of Arjun and Ranjana respectively.

News coming to India Forums is that Gaurav met with a major accident recently and has probably decided to quit the show.

Armed with the information, India Forums got in touch with actor Gaurav who visibly sounded ill. He quipped, “I met with a serious accident recently while I was traveling along with my mother and father to Punjab. The accident has left all three of us extremely unwell and we’re currently recovering from the unfortunate event”.

Gaurav was traveling with his parents to Punjab on 9th of December when his car’s tire busted resulting in a deadly accident. He added, “My mother survives fractures while father is having a severe injury on his nose while I’m having a painful dislocated shoulder along with Jaundice. I feel blessed and it seems like a new birth to me as it was a near death experience”.

When asked about quitting ‘Lovepantii’, Gaurav added, “Well, the doctors have asked me to take complete bed rest for around 20-25 days. I’ve taken a break from the shoot and intend to resume after my health gets better”.

Here’s wishing Gaurav a speedy recovery.

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I liked him in that show forgot the name of the show where he was a gunda and his wife was a doctor and wanted to go to London.

2 years ago

Yikes that sounds disastrous take care

2 years ago

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