Gaurav Sareen and Tripti Sharma aka Arjun and Ranjana talk about their new show ‘Lovepanti’

Azaad TV’s new show ‘Lovepanti’ has been receiving good response. Lead actors Gaurav and Tripti share their thoughts on the same.

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Arjun and Ranjana

India’s First Rural Entertainment Channel, Azaad has launched its 4th Original, Lovepantii. Created by Mahesh Pandey Productions, Lovepantii airs at 8 PM, every Monday to Saturday, only on Azaad. The promos are the talk of the town for their uniqueness and interesting character portrayals.  The name is even more captivating - Lovepantii. The show is slated to be one the most entertaining youth-centric drama on Indian television.

The lead character, Arjun has been taught to live within parameters set by his father. Even his dreams have been tailored by his parents and he has accepted his life accordingly. The story of Lovepantii is about how this common boy rises to the occasion when he gets an idea that he is in love. Raised in a conformist Brahmin family, he falls in love with Ranjana, a progressive minded girl from a Thakur family. Expected to follow in his father’s footsteps of becoming a practicing temple priest i.e., ‘Pandit’. Arjun has diligently followed all rules set by his family. But he only ends up breaking the biggest rule of them all; he gets an idea that he is in love and marry a girl of his choice, that too a girl from a Thakur family. Their ‘so called’ love affair comes out in the open in a dramatic turn of events.

Gaurav Sareen and Tripti Sharma are seen essaying the lead roles of Arjun and Ranjana.

When asked about her reaction after bagging the show, Gaurav said, “I felt very happy and blessed to have such a wonderful producer like Mahesh Pandey and I was excited to be on Azaad Channel”.

Talking about his preps for the character, Gaurav said, “I started watching regional videos and channels. So, that I can portray this character as well as I can”.

We also buzzed newbie Tripti Sharma to know about her first thoughts on being roped in for the show. She said, “The script of the show made me sign the same because I don’t want to be part of a show just for the heck of it. I want to do roles that I enjoy playing. I took Lovepantii because of the story and of course, the opportunity to play a character like Ranjana”.

On her character Ranjana, Tripti said, “The character is very well written and as an actor, I try to explore as much as possible. I truly love Ranjana’s character”.

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