Gaurav gets unlucky with food

Gaurav Khanna aka Prithvi from Star One’s Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, ended up with an upset tummy after having street food.


Gaurav Khanna who we all have seen as Prithvi in Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi,  has always been an ardent lover of Mumbai's famous street food. Recently when he indulged in this pleasure, his stomach didn't go easy on him.

Gaurav says, "For ten years I have been eating street-food. I don't know but this time, maybe it wasn't a good time for me, my stomach didn't take well to it. The doctors diagnosed it as acute food poisoning. And I was pretty down for four to five days. Its only today that I'm feeling better."

What upsets Gaurav more is that he wasn't the only victim to the illness. He says, "My mom and dad have come down from Nagpur. I was showing them around the city and very enthusiastically introduced them to Mumbai's street food. And because of me, even my father got food poisoning. I'm thankful that my mother's immune system was strong enough to fight it. Or else I would've felt doubly sad!"

Apparently Gaurav loves his mother's cooking. But since his tummy got upset, he was given a long list of what he can't eat. Gaurav says, "My mom is an amazing cook. I love the keema and chicken curry that she makes. But obviously, due to my illness, the doctor advised me to stay off meat. I just hope I get back into proper shape and enjoy my mom's delicacies again."

We hope you get well soon too Gaurav.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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ashi18 10 years ago Gaurav u r just awesome in ur portrayal as prithvi..
Lifez_Beautiful 10 years ago ooops nt regardn this article !! i can see u r better nw n am happy 4 it!! i mean ur sbb interview !! phheeewww.. dat was a laugh riot !! dint knw u had such a gud sense of humor !! keep it up dude !! u rock !! :D :D2009-11-03 08:39:25
adits7 10 years ago hey gaurav do tk cr....v don wan u to miss d shootin fr ny single epi.......
Who-I-Used-2-Be 11 years ago GK is all kinds of awesome as Prithvi..Keep up the great work, dude!
Lifez_Beautiful 11 years ago I hope u n ur dad r fine nw , so dat u can njoi ur momz fud..!! :) u rock in lnmdj !!! gr8 gng yaar !!
...Maham... 11 years ago get well soon GK..!!! =) even i love street food..!! ;)
jd.the.tiger 11 years ago Get Well Soon GK.....
And Take Care please............
current 11 years ago AWWWW ..the street food got unlucky with him...

Aww get well soon...2009-10-21 15:33:05
ayeshaD 11 years ago hope you and your dad get well sooon! :)
love yah!
brainychild92 11 years ago aww.. so like me..id b lke waht no keema??but i love it, especially made by mom.. yummy.. inshallah u and ur dad will be fit just like ur mom:D
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