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Gauhar's 'Wait' Issues

It seems that Gauhar Khan still misses Kushal from the Bigg Boss house and has been hoping that he will be back in the house. To know more about the same, read the story.

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Since the day Gauhar has re-entered the show, she has been waiting for Kushal to come back after his abrupt dismissal from the Bigg Boss house. But the clock seems to be endlessly ticking away and the wait doesn't seem to end for her.

After Salman Khan raised the topic about Kushal's return and asked for everybody's opinion, Gauhar has been expecting his return and was found staying aloof most of the time. She found solace in Heaven and shared her feelings with him. However, she couldn't hold back her tears while she was talking to him. She would stare at the door with the hope that Kushal Tandon would enter sometime soon.

There have been several such instances where Gauhar was found sobbing out of depression but none of the housemates seem to have noticed it. To add to her problems, Elli, who has been quite close to her since the beginning, decided to nominate her using her special power. This didn't go down well with Gauhar who had always trusted Elli Avram and did stand up for her when she was in trouble. With things not going the way she would expect, will Gauhar Khan she able to survive in the Bigg House?

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Gauahargeous_N 7 years ago LOVE GAUHAR SO MUCH! Hope she wins BB7! deserves it!
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khushboo_kzk 7 years ago Though i don't like gauhar much because she is too loud and has many point of view...but Ellie i didn't expect this from u, she's the girl who stand up for you since day one, helped u to understand Hindi and now,suddenly you changed and nominate her name...why are you being so double face,sweetheart...and that spoil brat Tanisha became most sensible, sweet girl and that weirdo armaan became most respectful man in the house for u ... who doesn't even think twice before hurting u so badly during the box task...and for your kind of information when you hurt so badly Tanisha is a one who is laughing and supporting armaan...

Ellie nominated gauhar is not from her own will, its Tanisha brain behind this..we all know Tanisha and gauhar not liked each other respectively since day one...and kaushal did physical violence, so sorry kaushal supporters he didn't deserve to be back but Tanisha is also thrown out of the house too because she herself has done the same (physical violence) then only its fair decision by big boss...
i'm not bashing or supporting anybody neither gauhar or Tanisha but i like to give one advice to ellie,
Dear ellie., you have beauty and all the other things which can make you star...expect brain, PLEASE USE YOUR BRAIN ELLIE...don't become beauty without brain...Tanisha is very very clever, and so are others, she is using u to solving her purpose, so
use your brain, you have enough of it
and salman likes u because u remind him, about his ex-Katrina...
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ParinConnects 7 years ago gauhar u rock and u deserve to be in this house
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katherine123 7 years ago Gauhar khan You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ahilajkula 7 years ago Pratyusha Banerjee is the best person and the greatest young actress. Salman is an arrogant tyrant.
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Oyster 7 years ago Salman Khan is a psycho. Elli is an ungrateful person and kind of brainless too. Wasn't Tanisha the one who laughed when Armaan mocked her? And now she believes that Tanisha is the most sensible person. Looks like Elli has found a new way of pleasing Salman now that her broken Hindi has become an old story: Turn against Gauhar. Out of all those contestants and taking in view everything that has happened: My vote goes for Gauhar Khan. I have never voted for any contestant but I will vote for her now.2013-11-11 11:44:45
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.FemmeFatale. 7 years ago Uhh.Im the emotional kind.But gauhar seems fake inside out. I liked her the way she was in khan sisters.
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sunita.g 7 years ago Salman elli ke piche lattu hona chod do yeh bhi tumhe katrina ke tarah ditch karke chali jayegi...
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ahilajkula 7 years ago Alex23 - I mention you because your name is on all the comments on the IF. Salman is arrogant and narcissistic as his narcissistic "Queen" Elli. He is unfair and arrogant . God is above all. God is just. He sees everything. God help and bless my dear Pratyushu Banerjje, our gentle angel, our lotus flower, our extraordinary and beautiful princess and all her friends in the BB house.
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Asya_KaJen 7 years ago Awwwh bless her
Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan
frig this show its bulshit and so is the damn host
love you both
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