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Gauhar hugs Kushal as he re-enters the Bigg Boss house!

A dhamakedar entry by Kushal Tandon and the most happy for him is his good friend Gauhar Khan!

After yesterday's hectic Chor Police Task and Gauhar weeping for the loss of her personal items, Gauhar Khan gets a treat in the form of Kushal Tandon. Yes, her very good friend who had to leave the Bigg Boss house suddenly due to his fight with fellow contestant VJ Andy is finally back on the reality show Bigg Boss Saath 7 on Colors.

As reported by TellyBuzz yesterday, Kushal made a late night entry in the house. Our reliable source updates us about the same saying, "Yes, Kushal is already in the house. He made a dhamakedar entry with the song Badtameez Dil from the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani playing in the background."

In many of the earlier episodes we have seen Gauhar talking to the camera and saying 'Bigg Boss meri ek cheez abhi bhi aapke Paas hai' and when he actually made an entry it was Gauhar who was most happy to see him. Gauhar was totally surprised says our source, "When Gauhar saw Kushal she just ran towards him and hugged him and both looked happy."

Other contestants too who had been unhappy with his attitude earlier had mixed feelings. Kushal had hit Andy during an angry outburst and had a bad altercation with Tanisha Mukherjee during another task. However, all seemed well with Kushal's entry, "Tanisha Mukherjee who had a problem with Kushal was seen talking to Andy that she was happy for Gauhar as she had got her friend back in the house. Andy was also ready to give a second chance to Kushal. But they both even decide to be cautious of him. During the conversation between Andy and Kushal, the reference to the fight comes up again when Kushal had hit VJ Andy on the neck. When Andy says that the neck pain has stopped, Kushal laughingly taunts him that yes, it must have stopped as soon as I left the house. To this Andy just smiled and ignored it."

Kushal also got gifts for each and every contestant in the house and everyone was very happy to receive them.

So will things really change after Kushal's re-entry in the house? Or will there be a hungama once again?

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OceanicHeart. 6 years ago I am happy Kushal has returned to BB ! Gauhar looked so happy :D
Love them both
Budtameez 6 years ago Kaushal & Gauhar make a very cute couple...
When one of them wins the 'Bigg Boss' contest, I hope their love will blossom even more in the outside world...
Zenar 6 years ago Welcome back kushal..!!! Happy for u n gauhar...u deserve a second chance..:)
MarkZingerBurgr 6 years ago Welcome Back Kushal.

If Pooja Mishra, Dolly bindra, KRK can Come back, then why not Kushaal.

Plus as long as Tanisha is inside the house, he deserves to be inn too.

After all Physical Violence was committed by her too. Period.

P.s Happy for Gauher.
jazmeen 6 years ago OMG

i cant bevivle Kushal Tandon is actuallly back in big boss
welcome back kushi baby
missed u like crazy
cant wait to see u and Gauhar together
so happpyyy
i just realize some haters have so much spare time to come here and dislike every single comment man grow up and go write on ur fav actor's wall instead of coming here if ur so not happy with our khusi baby's entry2013-11-21 20:39:36
purpleymatter 6 years ago Welcome back Kushal! It was the best entry ever!!
khushboo_kzk 6 years ago I don't like Kaushal much...
but happy for gauhar that her friend is back in BB house...

aur kaushal ko toh wapis aana hi tha, Big boss ko trp jho cahiye salman bhai kya hua aapki nahi chali...i heard from some reliable sources that salman don't want to see kaushal back in BB house again...but whatever who cares...if tanisha and armaan can stay in house after doing so much physical violence than why not kaushal..i'm not supporting him either i like him, just being a neutral viewers, just giving my opinion, KAUSHAL DESERVE ATLEAST ONE CHANCE...
Magical_KaSh 6 years ago Welcome back kushak tandon we did it KTians
btw m in confusion whether dat song so special or u made it special lol
virmanpartner 6 years ago Kushal Tandon
so happyyy
love uuu
preetiroy 6 years ago Rofl :D finalllyy hezzz back...!! SHAMELESS!!
see more