Gashmeer Mahajani is back to work after a sabbatical of seven months

In a recent interview, the actor said that the health of his mother, Madhavi Mahajani, led to his sabbatical.

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Gashmeer Mahajani
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Gashmeer Mahajani has been off the radar for almost seven months now; he quit his last show, Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal, last year in June. In his recent interview, the actor said that his mother, Madhavi Mahajani, ’s health led to his sabbatical.

It was a period when my mother needed me the most. I had to be with the family. I had lost one very important person (his father, veteran actor Ravindra Mahajani) and was still coping with that. So, getting my mother back on her feet was a top priority, so I could not take up much work,” Gashmeer shares.

The actor was trolled last year after his father passed away, with netizens labelling him an irresponsible son. Talking about that phase, Gashmeer says, “ “We were not staying together with my father for a very long time.

 He left us a long time back, and he used to come in between at his own will. It was always a very cordial thing. He wanted his independence. He has not even seen my child. My mother had a lot of health issues already. She had recovered from that, and suddenly this news broke. She collapsed back again. There was a lot of trolling happening at that time. And it was insanely wild. I was upset with the media. I felt a little bad,” he opens up.

Talking about the trolling, he adds, “It really didn't hit m .. It really didn't hit me that much. (But) People were talking rubbish, and it used to reach my mother. That is when I used to stress out. She's read it now and I can't make her unread it. She is 75, so that was the only difficult thing going through my mind. I tried keeping her away from it and keeping her alive for that period of time.”

He also mentions, "I was recently asked if I have recovered from my father’s loss. I feel one can recover from something like this. You can move on in life, but you can’t really recover. The kind of loss I had, it had led to a kind of regret that will live with me in some parts of my life. I won't open up about it. It is a very personal thing between me and my father that will last till the day I take my last breath. I will suffer in some way or the other with those haunting memories."

The actor is now back to work and is shooting for a digital series. “I got back to work on my mother’s birthday, January 17. I am totally focused on work now and things are looking up. I am doing an OTT show right now, and there is another one in the pipeline. There’s also a movie that I will be working on.”

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