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Sahara One and Creative Eye bring to the viewers the tale of Lord Ganesha, starting 17th August at the 8.30 PM slot...

This August, Ganpati Bappa is back, and so with it Sahara One brings to the viewers a special show 'Ganesh Leela' on Lord Ganesha's life from his birth. The show will premiere, August 17th, Every Monday – Friday at 8.30 p.m. The show is produced by Creative Eye

Legend has it that Lord Shiva's wife Parvati's craves for a child, Shiva suggests her to do a year long 'Punyak Vrat'. Parvati starts her penance with the help of a purohita called 'Sanatkumar'. After the successful completion of her Vrata-anushthan, God Paratpar (a form of divine light) appears and gives her a boon that he himself will appear on earth as her son. Later Parvati, creates a beautiful boy from the 'ubtan' (a form of cosmic energy) of her body, treats him as her son, and gives him the responsibility of guarding her home. Its astonishing to know later how this boy gets in to an fight with Lord Shiva and subsequently ends up with an elephant head fitted to his body. 

Playing the role of Parvati is Preeti Gandwani who earlier played the lead in Imagine's Dehleez. The actress feels it a great privilege to be portraying Goddess Parvati. She says, "Ma Parvati exhibited the extremes to which a woman can go to be gifted with a child. Her motherly vigor and passion is what I love about the role. I'm really glad to have bagged this role."

Preeti herself is an ardent follower of Ganesha. She says, "I'm a very big Ganesh bhakt. Every year we seat the Ganpati idol at our place. My family loves celebrating Ganpati with full fervor. The best part of Lord Ganesha is that he already knows your needs and provides for you."

The show will have a contemporary yet mytho look that will appease people of all ages.

The show premieres on Sahara One on August 17th at the 8.30 PM slot.

Reporter: Ashima Mishra
Author: Susan Jose

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this is nice
i loved shree Ganesh shows that used to air in Sone and Zee some time back

14 years ago

how can something have a contemporary look; but still be a mythology

14 years ago

Hmm, Hope it works out for the channel !

14 years ago

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