Gagan Malik opts out of Pratha

Pearl Grey’s hunt for a male lead, in her upcoming show, Rishton Se Badi Pratha on Colors’ is in full swing…

We had earlier reported about actor Gagan Malik last seen in Star One's, Shakuntala being signed on as the lead of Pearl Grey's Riston se Badi Pratha on Colors.

The actor is no longer a part of the show owing to some personal issues. The production house was to start the shoot as soon as possible but yet again is in a tight spot.

Our Khabroo tells us that, "Gagan is in Delhi and has opted out of the show as he is not clear to how long will he have to stay there. So, in addition to the female lead the production house is now hunting for its male lead all over again."

Confirming the news Gagan says, "I have personal issues and currently I'm in Delhi with my family. I don't know how long I will be staying here. They wanted to start the shoot immediately and couldn't wait for me to come back."

When contacted, producer Pearl Grey confirmed the news saying, "Gagan has major health problem for which he had to shift base from Mumbai to Delhi to his hometown and will be gone for good two months."

Reporter & Author: Minal Loiwal

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Comments (18)

Gaurav and Yami will be perfect here..and their huge fan base will follow too..

13 years ago

plzzzzzzzzzzzz cast hiten tejwani his fans r missing him

13 years ago

Gaurav & Yami would be an ideal choice .. Please do consider them :)

13 years ago

arrow01 i thnk u have forgotten the way ur fav thakur tried to kill all whu went against him in bairi piya.. huh talikng abt killings...

and at least this new show does nt promote wat is evil to be goody goody....

13 years ago

Pearl Greay..pls cast Gaurav and Yami.their amazing chemistry will rock ur shw

13 years ago

Please cast Gaurav Khanna and Yami in this show, Cast them and get us fans for free. They are awesome actors with a great chemistry.

Hope Gagan Malik's health gets better.

13 years ago

Colors is unbelivable. First this get rid of my fav show Bairi Piya then bring in KKK3 for utter nonsense. Now they want to promote this new stupid show about killings. What message r u trying to convey? Why did they get rid of our fav show BP???

13 years ago

We hope the producers will consider Gaurav & Yami for Pratha. They are super-talented actors, and for sure will suit the part :)

13 years ago

Please can you cast Guarav Khanna and Yami Guatum as the lead pair? These two have great chemistry and a huge fan base who will watch the show.

All the best to the actor, hope his health gets better.

13 years ago

Please Cast Gaurav Khanna n Yami Gautam as Leads in dis show

13 years ago

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