From Munawar Faruqui to Aly Goni, celebrities slam Poonam Pandey for faking her death

Celebrities took to their respective social media handles to slam Poonam Pandey for faking her death.

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Aly Goni, Munawar Faruqui and Rahul Vaidya

The news of social media sensation Poonam Pandey’s death spread like wild fire yesterday after a news of her death due to cervical cancer was confirmed by her team on her Instagram handle yesterday.

Well, India Forums had exclusively reported about this news being false. We had also reported about the actress doing it for an apparent cervical cancer awareness campaign. Poonam confirmed the same this afternoon by posting a video on her Instagram handle. The actress received wide spread backlash for doing so and her followers slammed her for her act. 

Not just followers of the actress but her friends and acquaintances from the fraternity too expressed their anguish and hurt on this behaviour. While a few went ahead to mock her and her PR team, some expressed their anger on the same.

Munawar Faruqui, Poonam’s Co inmate from her show Lockkup had expressed his condolences yesterday. However, the Bigg Boss 17 winner expressed his anger after the actress confirmed this news. Munawar took to his Instagram handle to call out Poonam and her PR team and said, “Poonam ki PR team ko cancer nahi bawasir hua hai”



Aly Goni too bashed the actress. The actor also went ahead to bash the media and said, “Fuking  cheap publicity stunt it was nothing else.. u guys think it’s funny ? U and ur PR team should be boycotted I swear.. bloody losers and to all the media portals we people here trust u that’s y we believed it.. shame on u all” 


Further, Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka actor Kushal Tandon too slammed the actress for her behaviour and stated that Poonam and her team should be put behind the bars. Kushal wrote, “How stupid and how lame it is to fake your death a it's sad , and alarming, I think it will be right to put the person and there entire pr team behind the bars to set an example for the future, for no nonsense, fake news mumbaipolice # poonam Pandey• A and an alarm & to media houses to always Check the reality of a situation first hand and then post on the ur news forums ,Authenticity check plz”

Kushal Tandon’s Instagram story.

Poonam’s Co Lockupp inmate Saisha Shinde too bashed the actress and refused to address her as her friend anymore. However, Saisha later on deleted her post stating that she does not want to be associated with Poonam anymore. 

Saisha Shinde’s Instagram story.

Rahul Vaidya, took to his Instagram handle yesterday too and stated that he is unable to believe that the news of Poonam’s death is true. The singer today took to his Twitter handle and bashed Poonam and her team for the same. Rahul wrote, “ "And I was right!! Now that poonam is alive I can surely say RIP PR/ marketing. New low of creating a sensational/viral campaign .. welcome to KALYUG."


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