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From Juicy to Trivial: Rashami Desai Gives Us All 'The Insider Goss' of BB 13!

In a fun conversation, Bigg Boss 13 contestant Rashami Desai revealed some interesting secrets about the BB13 house. Read on...


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Bigg Boss 13 was a huge hit and the fans loved the never-ending drama, fights, arguments and friendships amongst the contestants. One contestant whose journey in the house has been full of ups and downs is Rashami Desai. In an exclusive conversation, Rashami revealed some interesting facts and spilled some juicy secrets about the house. 

Read on:

 What tricks did you employ to calculate time?

The natural thing is to watch out the positioning of the sun and moon which will easily tell you what the time is. 

Did you try sleeping during the day time?

I never used to sleep. If I was unwell, then I have slept but there is no corner in the house where Bigg Boss couldn't catch you. Arti is the best contestant to comment on this.

How were the free days like?

It was very good. I think during the last Saturdays, people used to crib about my cooking but they used to eat so I could laugh a lot at that thing. Life is very difficult there, even if you were doing well, there was no one to tell you that you are doing good. 

What was the hygiene level in the house?

I used to do other people’s work and they still called me kaam-chor so I felt like laughing at that time. Only during the time when I got hurt, Asim never used to allow me to work. Asim and Vikas Gupta were the only two Captains who never gave me any kind of work. So in their Captaincy time, they gave me the name Kaamchor. 

As far as being unhygienic is concerned, we used to get a letter segment and I used to mention that these people are very unhygienic, please tell them to change their lifestyle. They used to be so lazy but after Salman Sir came, a lot of things changed inside. 

Was your 'food-cycle' affected?

My work was to make food and chopping was done by someone else. However, when I felt that people are not understanding me and are taking me for granted, then I used to teach them a lesson. 

Have you had any horror experience/s?

Yeah.In practical life, when you have a lot of electricity around you, your mind is not able to connect properly. But there is something inside the house and everybody has felt it.

Did you try talking to the crew members?

Never. I used to follow most of the rules. 

Did you use to dread 'Weekend Ka Vaar'?

On Friday, we used to get to view things very differently because everybody has a very different point of view and logic and sometimes you agreed to it while sometimes you didn't. I respect Salman Sir a lot, he used to help us directly, and indirectly.

How did you feel when you were labelled Chor?

Yes, there were many questions raised on me about stealing the food but the people used to eat it as well, no one said anything about that. 

Do you miss Bigg Boss now?

I miss Paras’ chai and there are certain things like the mic, Bigg Boss’ voice, music when you wake up, task. So yes, I miss these things but not the people in the house, I keep talking to Mahira and I think we are all in 'chill mode' right now. 

Lastly, message to your fans

Thank you so much for making me feel that I am so powerful and blessed and yes I feel very nice. 

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