Friday Forecast: With only one theatrical release, this week is all about the big releases on OTT

This piece will take a look at the buzz, trade talk and other factors on the theatrical releases and how does the business look like while also foreseeing the future of OTT releases.

Friday Forecast

Friday Forecast

That day is here which is basically make or break for the film folks - Friday. Any common folk looks forward to this day as the weekend dawns upon us and the entertainment industry also looks forward to the same but to look at how will they be getting their returns on the respective theatrical release or the views on the respective OTT release.

This piece will take a look at the buzz, trade talk and other factors on the theatrical releases and how does the business look like while also foreseeing the future of OTT releases. So let's begin-

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Just One Big Release

Just One Big Release

Talking about Hindi entertainment industry or PAN-India films, these dominate the market on a large extent and hence, we witness more nd more instances of having multiple releases every week. April is over two weeks in but we haven't witnessed any big release yet. Even this week sees a solo noteworthy release in the form of Shaakuntalam.

The film, that is led by Samantha Ruth Prabhu did have  a good buzz upon the release of footage and posters earlier. However, for several reasons, it continued to witness multiple delays until now finally having released. 


Talking about the buzz now, it doesn't have too much going on for itself where a large section of the audience are probably not even aware about the film's release. Owing to this, forecasts suggest that the early trends and bookings of the film have bee rather underwhelming. There doesn't seem to be a positive ray of hope even head and Shaakuntalam, a Telugu language film that has released in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil as well might see a huge downslide in its box office performance.

OTT Domination This Week

OTT Domination This Week

While the theaters are currently dried up, OTT continues to have a plethora to choose from every week. And this week, you will definitely be spoilt for choices. This week, there is Radhika Apte-led Mrs. Undercover on Zee5, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 on Amazon Prime Video, Rennervations on Disney+ Hotstar and Jubilee on Amazon Prime Video.


There has been an increasing chatter about the film with days passing by but the negative reviews might hurt its chances. Then there is one of the most-awaited final seasons in recent times - that of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5. An award-favorite and critically acclaimed show is calling it a wrap with this final season and Amazon Prime Video should see a huge amount of viewership for the same. Rennervations (read our review here) on Disney+ Hotstar is also witnessed a lot of conversation lately - a lot of that owing to two men - the creator himself, Jeremy Renner and actor Anil Kapoor making a special appearance in one of the episodes. Owing to the large viewer base that Disney+ Hotstar already enjoys, it might bring in good numbers. And finally, there is the slate of rest of the episodes, 6 to 10 of the series, Jubilee (read iour review here). The first part of the show which released the first five episodes have been met with immense love and already brought in good eyeballs. The second part should only mean an improving trend.

With just one theatrical release, there isn't much for the movie business to look at for brining in the moolah and hence, this weekend might continue to have everyone enjoying content at their TVs, phones or other devices.

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