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Finally! Veer gets his magical ring back in Hero Gayab Mode On

After a long wait, Veer finally gets his magical ring back in Sony SAB’s Hero Gayab Mode On.

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Siddharth Nigam and Abhishek Nigam

Sony SAB’s Hero Gayab Mode On is getting all the love and adulation from the fans. The viewers are loving real life brothers Abhishek Nigam and Siddharth Nigam’s characters of Veer and Shivaay in the show.

Veer was using the magical ring for his vested interest. Hence, Shivaay made his heroic entry and made Veer realise about the purpose of the ring and that he should use the same to fight the evil forces and to help the mankind.

After a long wait, finally, Veer is set to lay his hand on the magical ring all over again.

In the upcoming episodes, Veer fights with all the three evil forces and while he does that one by one- the ring’s power gets unlocked- he gains the power of ultimate strength, the power of agility (running fast) and the power of controlling visibility and invisibility at his own will. Veer finally gets control over his ring after all the training. 

Furthermore, Veer and Shivaay save the day leaving Shukra furious. Shukra knows that Hero has unlocked all the powers of the ring and now it will be more than difficult to kill him. He now takes the final step of going to Shivji and getting his answers. 

On the other hand, Rocky decides to use Dansh in his own manner. Veer and shivaay decide to get into their disguised avatar and be around the family.

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