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Filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani discharged from hospital after 28 days: I felt uneasy and vomited a lot of blood

Pahlaj Nihalani on Saturday revealed that he was admitted to hospital one night at about 3 am, as he felt a bit uneasy and vomited a lot of blood. The Nihalani clan reportedly took every measure to ensure the news did not leak out...

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The Nihalani clan was taken aback after ex-Censor Board Chief and filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani was admitted in Mumbai's Nanavati Hospital under Dr Jayant Barve, who is also Amitabh Bachchan's doctor.

Nihalani's have been anxious since the past month as the filmmaker took a long time to recover. He was discharged on Friday (June 4, 2021) - after 28 days - and his three sons Vishal, Deepesh and Chirag attended to him, taking turns every night, reported ETimes. 

The Shola Aur Shabnam producer was reportedly kept off his cell phone by his sons as they did not want to strain him in any way, considering his delicate condition. Owing to the current Covid-19 situation, his wife Nita was also kept away from Pahlaj.

The Nihalani clan took every measure to ensure the news did not leak out because they did not want to be disturbed.

The report further mentioned that none of the family members responded to calls whose numbers were not in their phone list

Bollywood and Pahlaj's closest friend - Shatrughan Sinha was the only one who was informed about the hospitalization. 

"Shatru visited me in the hospital, recently. We had largely kept it private," Pahlaj revealed.

During his recent interview on Saturday, Pahlaj shared that he felt short of words and was very thankful to Dr Barve and the entire staff of Nanavati Hospital who looked after him. Calling Dr. Barve 'an angel in his life', he briefly said, 

"Suddenly, one night at about 3 am, I felt a bit uneasy and vomited a lot of blood. I was advised hospitalisation. It was a case of chronic food-poisoning but it was an emergency- and initially, I was kept in the ICU for about 5-6 days."

"I thought I'd go home in 2/3 days after I was out from the ICU. But my temperature did not go down for the longest time, I was getting fever and a very bad stomach-ache essentially in the evening, the diagnosis kept extending, and that became a matter of concern," he explained, and added in a very feeble voice, "Please excuse me as I would like to rest now," before signing off.

The report mentioned that several tests related to the gastro-intestinal tract were conducted on Pahlaj, followed by a sonography.

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