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Film Review : Tu Hai Mera Sunday

The movie is very light hearted, it gives a lot of laughter and happening moments.


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Film: Tu Hai Mera Sunday

Director: Milind Dhaimade

Cast: Barun Sobti, Vishal Malhotra, Aninash Tiwari, Nakul Bhalla, Jay Upadhyay, Shahana Goswami, Maanvi Gagroo, Pallavi Batra, Suhaas Ahuja and Shiv Subramaniam.

Rating: ****

In Urban life, everyone knows the value of a Sunday. A quality time with our loved ones, fuels us to survive the entire week. Similarly the story of the movie, "Tu Hai Mera Sunday", revolves around five friends who just want play football on Sundays, to have an off time from their hectic daily routine. So after being banned on Juhu beach, they search for a new place to play football. Throughout this search, it's interesting to see how the story unfold. By showing you all the up and downs in their lives, it give you a glimpses of a middle class person's daily life and routine in Mumbai's fast paced life. Most of the audience will feel connected to the movie at various points. And all this, while making you laugh. Thus the story of the movie has successfully broke the cliche of Bollywood movies, and has set a new track of a Famiy genre. Without any compilacated twist and turns, Milind has exicuted the story very cleverly, that even being a simple 'normal life' story line, it keeps us entertained.

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The casting has done very well, that it shows, Milind Dhaimade, the director, knew exactly what he wanted. And no doubt Barun Sobti is his best choice. He steals the show with his brilliant acting. Barun played a character named Arjun, who is a MBA graduate, and runs a small consultancy business. We can see that he has put a lot of efforts in his characters. Milind has successfuly showed how a different types of communities blends in Mumbai. Where ever necessary, native languages are used to make the scenes more precise. All of the actors, Vishal Malhotra, Aninash Tiwari, Nakul Bhalla and Jay Upadhyay did justice to their respective charachers. All of them need a should have a round of applause. Barun Sobti's character, Arjun,is showen having a keen intersest in Kavi, a character played by Actress Shahana Goswami. Through out the movie their bond increases and its lovely to see their on screen chemistry.

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The moive is mostly shot in Mumbai, and Goa. Through out the movie, we get see some great scenes, happeing events in Mumbai as well as Goa, with brilliant shots and great lighting. The movie has a bright light tone all till the end, which will leave you with a happy tone, every single time. To accompany this, there is pleasent BGM, by Amartya Rahut and some great songs including, Arijit Singh's "Thodi Si Jagah". The songs are not forcefully tried to fit in the movie, rather they are precisely timed. They have shot very well, along with light lyrics, which perfectly matches the situation. And guess what? The lyricist is no other than, Director Milind Dhaimade.

The movie does not have any below the waist jokes, no adult scenes, even the kissing scenes have dealt very briliantly. Thus Milind has put a full fledged famly time movie in front of us. You will enjoy every bits and part of the movie. You won't come out of a theater, unsatiffied. The movie is a perfect blend of happy and sad notes of life. Overall the movie is very light hearted, it gives a lot of laughter and happening moments, so take a break on this Sunday and go watch "Tu Hai Mera Sunday", you will definitely enjoy it.
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MinocheBS 2 years ago loved arjun anand a lot barun sobti rocks THMS
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Good luck baby wish you all success
With your movie THMS LOVE YOU
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All success and all luck with your movie THMS LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY
mansaf 2 years ago You will be surprised how much this film getting praised from around the country . BW is not only for Karan and farah.
Taniabarun 2 years ago BARUN SOBTI,, Today Friday, WISH YOU BEST LUCK FOR MOVIE THMS LOVE YOU SO MUCH BARUN,, All the best
Popilina 2 years ago Barun Sobti,, Good luck with your movie THMS LOVE YOU SO MUCH BARUN God bless you always baby,,,
RushilovesBarun 2 years ago Damn I am too excited for the movie but it's not releasing in Ireland :'(
All the best Barun Sobti and guys please support this movie and make it big as it has all the good reviews even b4 the movie release
Noor55 2 years ago BARUN SOBTI,,, So excited For movie THMS LOVE YOU SO MUCH Barun,,
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