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Father's Day Special: When Hollywood stars taught their reel-life kids how to have fun!

Being a father isn’t easy, but these on-screen dads nailed it; let us salute them on the occasion of father’s day…

Published: Sunday,Jun 16, 2019 06:27 AM GMT-06:00
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Happy Father's day

Fathers aren’t just any other individuals, but they are an integral part of our family. From supporting the kids to protecting them, fathers will always make sure you are all right no matter in which part of the world you might be. Some might fight the crime, while some might fight the goons, while some might be just cool dads sipping beer, but they will always make sure the kid’s all right.

There are some things only a father can teach (which includes sword fighting as well), but most importantly it is really necessary to respect your father. Today, on the occasion of father’s day we salute this mighty unbreakable wall who protects us and teaches the ways of the world.


Commando (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

We all know how Arnold likes to goes an extra mile for his performance. Be it his action sequences or his crazy spine chilling fight sequences with a predator, the actor never fails to stun his fans. However, with Commando he made we realize the actor actually has a soft-hearted to himself! For once he might go easy on the thugs, but anyone dares to lay a hand on his daughter, it’s the nightmares brought by the hunk himself. 

The Game Plan

The Game Plan (Dwayne Johnson)

Well, who would have thought ‘TheRock’ would be the best daddy in town. Disney’s The Game Plan turned out to be one extraordinary film which featured the daily struggles of a quarterback as Joe Kingman transforms from an egotistical bachelor into a loving father when the child suddenly enters his life.

Despicable Me

Despicable Me (Gru)

A father to three cute little princesses we know of and a master to the infamous minions, Gru deserves to be on this list.No matter how evil you might be but holding onto your little one will always bring out the kindness in you.


Taken (Liam Neeson)

We bet you don’t want to mess with an ex-service agent’s daughter. Liam Neeson who performs the character of Bryan Mills has to be one of the daunting fathers of all time (not to mention haunting as well). The fierce character is known to be a vicious father who wouldn’t mind taking down the goons.

Searching 2018

Searching (John Cho)

Aneesh Chaganty certainly caught the world’s attention with his film – Searching. The critically acclaimed film features the story of a missing daughter and how the father manages to find her through the digital footprints. The film was successful for its storyline and the chemistry between the father-daughter. It’s really necessary to know your children and what they are going through!

Honorable mentions


Big Daddy


Have you ever thought daddies would be cool? Yes, and there’s nothing cooler than being Adam Sandler’s kid. You are blessed with the coolest and the awesome dad ever. He might be irresponsible at times but he will make sure you have the time of your life when you are with him!

Star Wars- The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars- The Empire Strikes Back (Anakin Skywalker-Luke Skywalker)

We can’t deny at times a father-son relationship might be unstable and the two might sometimes hit a rocky path but, we should never fail to see the bright light ahead of us. Such is the relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker. The two might have long ways to go and it doesn't matter if a father can be a vicious villain who walks the path towards the dark side and the son trying to stop him but in Star Wars we love it! Such is the love between the two individuals.


Batman (Bruce and Damian Wayne)

Which child would have thought there’s an entire bat cave to explore? Batman might certainly work alone but when you are a father everything changes. And when you have a son like Damiam it is going to be hard. But, he can take care of himself while Batman fights the crime in Gotham. We hope the two get over their issues soon and work as abetter team.

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